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Photo History of the B-17 Flying Fortress

"079" with wing damage
91st Bomb Group (H) B-17 in Flight
322nd BS, Pendleton Field
324th nose art painting on hanger wall
401st B-17 climbing on course
Ack Ack Annie montage and relation to Gil Elvgren
Ack-Ack Annie nose art
After 11 hr. flight to Germany
Ah's Availble nose art
Anxious Angel nose art
Ariel shot of Bassingbourn (1955)
Aviation Students in front of Pist'l Packin' Mama
B-17 and German fighter
B-17 and German fighters
B17 formation
B-17 in a hanger undergoing repairs
B-17 in the straw field
B-17 on fire
B-17s waiting to go
B-17 travelling down runway
B-17 turning in flight  
B-17 view of D-Day - 1944
Bachelors Bride nose art
Bad Egg nose art and painting bombs
Bad Egg in flight
Bassingbourn runway
"Royal Flush" on hard standing"
Betty Lou's Buggy grounded
Betty Lou's Buggy nose art
Betty Lou's Buggy nose art (different photo)
Block Buster nose art with some air and ground crew
Blonde Bomber nose art
Blonde Bomber at 18,000 feet
Blue Dreams nose art
Bomb bay doors open - ball turret view
Bomb bay doors open over Europe
Bomb Boogie Crew - Equipment Check
Bomb Boogie in flight
Bomb Boogie on the runway
Bombed Out Bridge on the Rhine
Bomber Dear nose art with officer
Bomber Dear nose art
Bombing Raid
Bombing Raid over Germany
Boston Bombshell nose art
Bride of Mars oil painting by Tony Starcer
Buccaneer nose art
Buckeye Boomerang crash landing
Buckeye Boomerang in flight
Cannon shell & top turret
Checking out wing damage
Chennault's Pappy nose art
Cheri II nose art
Chief Sly's Son nose art
Climbing over English village
Close-up of bomb release
Close-up of Triangle A formation
Connecticut Yankee in flight
Dear Becky nose art & pilot
Deep Over Southern Germany
Delta Rebel No. 2
Delta Rebel No. 2 and Clark Gable
Demo Darling in flight
Desperate Journey nose art
Destiny's Child nose art
Duke of Paducah nose art
Easy Does It in flight
Easy Does It nose art
Easy Does It with flight crew
Evening Folks!  How Y'All nose art
Extra Special nose art
Fearless Fosdick nose art
Fertile Myrtle nose art
Fifinella bail out
Fightin' Pappy nose art
Fire in a field at the Bassingbourn Airbase
Flak over Hamm, Germany
Flight Over Cologne Cathedral
Formation en route to target
Formation of B-24s & B17s
Front view of 91st B-17 in Flight
General Ike & No. 3 engine damage
General Ike nose art
Geraldine nose art
German railroad from 20,000 ft.
Hairless Joe nose art
Hangers at Bassingbourn
Happy Valley Express nose art
Hell's Angels nose art
Hell's Halo in flight
Hey Daddy in flight
Hi Ho Silver nose art
Hoosier Hot Shot exploding 1
Hoosier Hot Shot exploding 2
Hoosier Hot Shot nose art
Inspecting the troop next to a 91st BG B-17
Irish Lassie nose art
Jack the Ripper taking off on the runway
Jezebel nose art
Joe Harlick painting message next to Lackin' Shackin'
Jub Jub Bird nose art
Judy's Little Ass nose art
Judy's Little Ass close up
Just Nothing in flight
Just Nothing life raft exhibit for Gen. Ike
Lackin' Shackin' nose art
Lady Freda nose art
Lady Freda nose art with some crew members
Lady Lois and her Navigator
Lady Luck and vapor trails
Lady Luck in flight
Lady Luck of the 324th
Lady Luck nose art
Lady Luck nose art
Lassie Come Home nose art
Lightning Strikes nose art
Lined Up for a Max Effort Mission
Little Jean nose art
Little Jean nose art and Andrew Schumacher
Little Patches - Close up of nose art
Little Patches - Inspecting engine repairs
Little Patches nose art
Local Girl crash site and prop at Nat. Museum of USAF
Lorraine nose art
Low altitude run over Cologne
Low altitude sweep over Cologne
Mah Ideel in flight (color)
Man O War II nose art
Margie nose art
Margie nose art
Memphis Belle today
Miss America nose art
Miss Minookie landing 1
MIss Minookie landing 2
Miss Minookie nose art (black & white photo)
Miss Minookie nose art (color photo)
Miss Quachita shot down
Mizpah II nose art
Mount & Ride nose art
Multiple B-17s at Bassingbourn
My Baby nose art
My Prayer nose art
Nine O Nine getting bomb painted on
Nine O Nine painting on bomb
Oh Happy Day nose art
Oklahoma Okie and two crew members
Old Battle Axe in right wing lead
Old Battle Axe - Super Close-up
Old Standby nose art
One wheel landing 1
One wheel landing 2
Our Bridget - Christening ceremony
Outhouse Mouse oil painting by Tony Starcer
Naughty Caroline nose art
Panhandle Dogie nose art with Pilot Bill Anderson
Paper Dolly nose art
Peg O' My Heart nose art
Piccadilly Commando flying to Belgium
Pistol' Packin' Mama nose art
Pontoon bridge across the Rhine
Qualified Quail crash landing sequence of events
Qualified Quail nose art
Qualified Quail, Times-A-Wastin' at Bassingbourn
Queenie nose art
Radar Pathfinder unloading
Raid on Augsburg
Rare group photo of 401st airmen standing on/around B-17
Rays of sun as viewed from B-17
Rebel's Revenge, Shamrock Special, Short Snorter II in flight
Red Alert nose art
Redwing nose art
Removing ball turret guns
Rhapsody in Red nose art
Ritzy Blitz shot down
Ruptured Duck in flight
Seattle Sleeper a/c 913 in flight
Shamrock Special after rear fuselage replacement
Shamrock Special & Rebels Revenge practice mission
"Sheila" and Capt. Garris
Sheriff's Posse after landing with no breaks
Side View of a B-17 Squadron
Sir Baboon McGoon getting a new plexiglass nose
Sir Baboon McGoon news story about a belly landing
Skipper nose art
Skunkface nose art
Skunkface II nose art
Squadron avoiding enemy flak
Squadron beginning to straggle
Squadron over Osnabruck
"Stage Door Canteen" celebration with Vivian Leigh
"Stage Door Canteen" Christened with champagne
Stinky nose art
Stupen-Taket and close-up of wreckage
Stupen-Taket and wreckage of tail section
Stupen-Taket crash - Still Burning
Stupen-taket with more wreckage
Superstitious Aloysius and four of its officers
Sugar Blues nose art
Super Mouse nose art
Sure Shot nose art with co-pilot Spencer
Sweet 17 in flight
Sweet Freda & Ma Ideel
Tail damage
Tail damage due to accident
Tennessee Tess nose art
Terry's Tigers with a few crew members
Terry's Tigers with two crew members
Texas Bronco, Stupen-taket, & Pennsylvania Polka in flight
The Biggest Bird nose art
The Black Swan nose art
The Bloody Bucket with Lt. Bilotta
The Careful Virgin in flight
The Careful Virgin nose art
The Eagle's Wrath nose art
The Heats On nose art
The Keystone Mama nose art
The Liberty Belle nose art
The Liberty Belle with R. Steele
The Shamrock Special nose art
The Shamrock Special tail art
The Sky Wolf nose art
The Spirit of Billy Mitchell nose art
The Village Flirt - nose art close up
Times-A-Wastin' and John Hatfield dropping out of the aircraft
Time's-A-Wastin' - Artist's rendition
Tower of London and mayor breaking champagne bottle
Tower of London crew meeting mayor (1)
Tower of London crew meeting mayor (2)
Tower of London nose art with London mayor
Tower of London with mechanic
Two 91st BG B-17s surrounded by flak
Two B-17s Avoiding Enemy Flak
View of German Army Trenches
View of Ramagen Bridge damage
Village Flirt in flight
Vulgar Virgin in flight
Warming up to go on a mission
Wee Willie (1) - Wing shot off by anti-aircraft fire
Wee Willie (2) - Hit by German jet fighters
Wee Willie (3) - Exploding after being hit
Wicked Witch nose art
Wild Hare engine repair
Wild Hare nose art
Wing damage after a collision
Wing damaged by fire
Yankee Belle nose art
Yankee Doodle nose art
Yankee Doodle with engine mechanics in action
Zootie Cutie

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