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 Psychiatric Experiences of the Eighth Air Force

First Year of Combat

July 4, 1942 - July 4, 1943

(click here to read) Psychiatric Experiences of the Eighth Air Force (pdf file)

Statement of Purpose (from the survey)

The purpose of this survey is to report on the various aspects of psychiatry among combat flying personnel and to present certain suggestions pertaining to a psychiatric program for an Air Force, the data being based on the experiences gained in the Eighth Air Force during its first year of combat.

Part I - General Background
1. Introduction
2. The Reaction to Combat Stress
Part II - Clinical Data
1. Flying Fatigue
2. Description of Types of Psychiatric Cases and Definition of Terms
3. Psychological Failure Cases
4. Operational Fatigue Cases
Part III - A Study on Successful Members of Air Crew
Part IV - Psychiatric Prophylaxis in Combat Personnel
Part V - Organization of Psychiatric Program in an Air Force
Part VI - Summary, Conclusions, Recommendations
Part VII - Appendix; Illustrative Cases