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Tales of the 91st Bomb Group

Stories from those who were there!

You will need Adobe Reader to view/download. You can get it at


A Soldier's Story, by Merle Choffel
From Rick Choffel (posted 3-24-18)
Chapter 11 From Birdsong's Book (Delta Rebel #2)
From Steve and Nancy Perri (posted 6-26-16)
One Man's War - Betrayed by Ford
From Roy E. Loyless (posted 8-30-14)
The 91ster Who Was Shot Down Twice
From William Page Ball (posted 11-24-13)
The Last Flight of Sugar Blues (22 Feb 1944)
From Arthur Clay, 323rd (posted 7-20-13)
Mayday on May Day
From Al Platt, 323rd (posted 2-24-13)
The Story of Raymond Sell
From Eugene Sell (posted 9-25-11)

War Time Memories of A Man-Child

From Doyle Bradford (posted 8-21-11)

1944 - Rescued by the Bravest People I've Ever Known

From Bob Kelley (posted 3-24-08)
The Pathfinder Force
From John Howland (posted 3-17-06)
From Vince Hemmings (posted 3-17-06)
Times of Our Lives - Bert Humphries: An Autobiography
Transcribed by Michael Yamada (posted 3-6-06)
A Short Stay at Bassingbourn
From Robert "Bob" Dickson (posted 4-20-04)
GEE as a Homing Device
From John Howland (posted 3-28-04)
Operation Revival
From John Howland (posted 3-21-04)
Tale of Two Daughters
From Paul Limm (posted 3-14-04)
A Hole in One
From W.W. Hill (posted 3-14-04)
The "Bad Egg" Dies Twice
From Jack Gaffney (posted 11-30-03)
Final Flight
From Rev. Gene Wilson (posted 11-30-03)
Investigation of "Jeanie"
From John S. Warner, 379th BG (posted 10-7-03)
Mission Number 3
From Unknown (posted 10-7-03)
Aircraft Repair - Sheet Metal
From W.W. Hill (posted 8-31-03)
Mather Field Navigators
From Thomas Carver (posted 8-31-03)
The Early 91st Bomb Group
From Unknown (posted 8-31-03)
The Mighty Eighth
From Jolee Edmondsen (posted 8-31-03)
The Hamm Massacre
From Dan F. Bauer (posted 8-31-03)
The Fate of Destiny's Child
From John Butler's Diary (posted 7-20-03)
Shorty's Longest Bombing Mission
From Amy Zielkiewicz
Operation Revival
From Jack Gaffney
The Building of Bassingbourn R.A.F. Station
From Kathleen Dodkin (posted 6-7-03)
American Red Cross at Royston
From Kathleen Dodkin (posted 5-29-03)
Our First Mission
From James W. Brady (posted 4-18-03)
Ground Crew Training
From W.W. Hill (posted 4-8-03)
Two Pilots, Two Daughters, One Bond
From Lowell L. Getz (posted 3-28-03)
My Wonderful Life
From Lillian M. Keil
Lead Pilots: The Best of the Best
From John W. Howland
Charles F. Sturgeon Biography
From Charles Sturgeon
Merseburg: The Greatest Air Battle
From Ed Gates
A Navigator's Story
From John Howland
Christmas Eve 1944
From Joe Harlick
Stalag Luft III
From Robert Slane (posted 9-21-02) 
From the Book, "Destiny's Child"
From Jack Paget (401st Sq.), Transcribed by Gordy Alton (posted 1-26-02)
My Survival as a Prisoner of War
From Dana Morse (401st Sq.) (posted 1-6-02)
My Last Flight on "My Darling Also"
From Dana Morse (401st Sq.) (posted 11-15-01)
The Jess Britton Story
From Jess Britton (322nd Sq.) (posted 11-12-01)
Interned in Switzerland
From Arthur Glenn Foster (401st Sq.) (posted 9-21-01)
Christmas 1944
From Norm Jack Paxson (322nd Sq. Ground Crewman) (posted 8-11-01)
From Pearl Harbor to Bassingbourn
From Norm Stuckey, Co-pilot of "Jack the Ripper" (posted 7-31-01)
Brill's Ditch
From Steve & Nancy Perri (from the War Library, Maxwell Field, AL) (posted 5-29-01)
Looking Back
From Raphael Czepkiewicz (322nd Sq.) (posted 4-5-01)
View from the Tail: The Last Mission
From Marion Hoffman (323rd Sq.)
From Bob Slane
Christmas at Stalag Luft IV
From Marion Hoffman (323rd Sq.)
From Frank Bolen (322nd Sq.)
The Million Dollar Seat
From Edwin R. Ehret (322nd Sq.)
The General
From Paul Chryst (401st Sq.)
A Story of "Ruptured Duck"
From Mike Banta (324th Sq.)
A Story of Wimpole Hall
From Wit Hill (401st Sq.)
That B-17 Named Time's-A-Wastin'
From Paul Chryst (401st Sq.)
"Mary Ruth": Memories of Mobile...We Still Remember
From Lowell L. Getz
Unauthorized D-Day Mission
From H. McPartlin (401st Sq.)
Pieces of Nostalgia
From Dave Hanst & written by Bill Turcotte (322nd Sq.)
The Men Who Served on the Ground
From Jack Gaffney (401st Sq.)
Missions with Charlie
From Charlie Hudson (401st Sq.)
Carl Clark and the Unforgettable Takeoff
From John W. Howland (324th Sq.)
The Ghost Ship of the 91st
From (Harold Debolt??) (401st Sq.)
The Ground Crews
From Wit Hill (401st Sq.)
A Most Memorable Christmas
From Marion C. Hoffman (323rd Sq.)
The Tribute
From Winston Churchill
Village Flirt
From Phil Mack (323rd Sq.)
Texas Chubby/The J'Ville Jolter
From Lowell Getz (Associate Member/Historian)
The Jack Paget Story
From Jack Paget (401st Sq.)
Rhapsody in Red
From Clifford M. Shultz (324th Sq.)
The Erwin Nine
From Marion Hoffman (323rd Sq.)
A Story by Charles Sturgeon
From Charles Sturgeon (322nd Sq.)
You Can Return
From Andrew Anderson (322nd Sq.)
Where Did You Come From?
From Mike Banta (324th Sq.)
The Last Mission of the 91st: 25 April 1945
From Lowell L. Getz (Associate Member/Historian)
Peace Agreement
From Joe Harlick (324th Sq.)
The Man Who Wouldn't Quit: The Manny Klette Biography
From Roger A. Freeman (Author)
Flights Over Germany: Shot Down Twice
From Warren D. Price (401st Sq.)
From Commission to Captivity
From Asay B. Johnson (324th Sq.)
Shot Down on New Year's Eve 1943, as the Story Explains
From Verne Woods (324th Sq.)
The Mission on Christmas Eve 1944
From Mike Banta (324th Sq.)
The Delta Rebel and Steve Perri
From Steve Perri (323rd Sq.)



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