Charles Busa: Nose Insignia Artist and B-17 Mechanic

List of some of the Busa painted aircraft and insignias

The Black Swan

Klette's Wild Hares

Chippewa Chief "The Milwaukee Road"

Evenin' Folks, How You All (Joint Effort with Tony Starcer)

The Wild Hare

324th Briefing Room Wall


About Charles Busa

(Taken from portions of a 1998 letter to Phil Mack)


Charles Busa worked with Tony Starcer for over two and a half years. They were like morale builders. They helped many who came into the paint shop with their trinkets and those who wanted their carvings spray painted with a coating of protecting lacquer. Charles felt that Tony Starcer was the best nose-art painter in the ETO.

Charles and Tony painted jackets, the little squadron patches for the A2 jackets, plus the nose art. Charles was an airplane mechanic and engine mechanic for three or four months until they needed painters for all the markings that planes required. One man from each squadron was selected, Charles from the 324th, Tony from the 322nd, Culbertson from the 323rd, and the 401st man refused to report. No one complained so he got away with it. They only worked out of the 441st sub-depot but belonged to their own squadrons.

In all, Charles believes they painted on about 280 of the 298 planes the 91st BG had during the war.



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