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Scrapbook of Memories from the 91st

[SONG] Will the Circle Be Unbroken-by Frank Farr (322nd Squad.) Click on the song title above to read the lyrics and a little about Frank.

Chaplain - 91st Bomb Group
Airmen Dance Band
Clark Gable with the 91st
Gen. Eisenhower at Bassingbourn Another Mission
Preparing to go to Berlin
A Crew Briefing for the Upcoming Mission
Charlie's Favorite Crew Men Associated with the Ruptured Duck
"Kid Rock" Gaffney & The Shamrock Special
Manny Klette B-17 Gun Coverage
Guinness Time in London Royston Railroad Station
1st Sgt. in 91st 324th Squadron Board
401st Sq. Sign at Bassingbourn Base Map of Flight Routes of One 91st Veteran
Outside Look of Ball Turret POW Card
Ball Turret Design Features Post-Liberated 91st Veteran at Age 21
Group Debriefing After a Mission
Ike Shaking Hands with Gen. Ike Crew
91st Commanders Shaking Hands A Rare Pass into London
Lucky Bastard Club  Two Members of the 324th
A Crew from the 324th Crew on the Wing
Friends at Bassingbourn Barracks Back from a Mission to Berlin
Frances Langford and Bob Hope Shoo Shoo Baby - Danish Airliner?
Ball Turret Bassingbourn Runway
Flyer's Relief Tube (Horn) Airmen Posing in Front of Their B-17
91st Airmen Wedding Two Crew Members Celebrating
Lt. T.E. Boies visiting London Lt. T.E. Boies on Bassingbourn airfield with B-17 on runway
Bill Lynch (tail gunner; 322nd) Capt. Gladstone & Major Bishop
Major Bishop buzz job Lt. Clay & Lt. Camosy
Major Bishop after final mission Lt. "Flaps" Stevens
Lt. Delo and Lt. Maziarz Lt. Dan Jordan
More Lt. Delo and Lt. Maziarz Lt. Maziarz and T/Sgt. Love
Some crewmen from The Wolf "Westy" Westwood and "Peg O' My Heart"
2nd Lt. Rollin Ball page How to Recognize an Ex-Combat B-17 Pilot (Drawing)
Examples of leather jacket paintings The Liberty Belle and its nose artist Tony Starcer
Officers from B-17 "Nitemare" Donald McPherson, Ball Turret Gunner
Walla Wall Air Base, WA T/Sgt. Cetnarowski on damaged Shamrock Special
Lt. McDuffee with Quitchurbitchin Hexum, McAvoy, & Rutledge
Woodbury, Smith, & Rutledge 1st Lt. William St. John Chubb Certificates
Ernest "Bob" Kelly next to Ford GPW Generals examining 4000lb bomb
Generals Doolittle and Arnold Bombardier James Van Pelt with Sleepytime Gal
91st BG 2nd yr. anniversary in E.T.O. celebration S/Sgt. George Bogert loading ammo
Armorers with the 323rd Squad. Sgt. Burrage port arms for King
Lts. Basnight, Bronstein, Reid, Barczak, & Friedman in snow Jack the Ripper Navigator, Lt. William Leasure
Lt. John Pullen, Pilot  

The photographs on the following pages can be downloaded by any visitor to the 91st Bomb Group (H) site.   However, we ask that permission be formally requested via email to use any of the photos on another  website.  Thank You











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