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Veterans History Project from the Library of Congress
2nd Lt. Robert R. Case 322nd Squadron
Col. Cornelius P. Chima 322nd Squadron
T/Sgt. Arthur R. Cressman 322nd Squadron
1st Lt. Robert H. Friedman 323rd Squadron
T/Sgt. Richard H. Hamilton 401st Squadron
Sgt. Joseph I. Harlick 324th Squadron
1st Lt. Ernest Robert Kelley 322nd/324th Squadron
Sgt. Roy E. Loyless 401st Squadron
Major Matthew Michaels 401st Squadron
S/Sgt. Steve Perri 323rd Squadron
Verne E. Woods 324th Squadron
Newton Gresham Library
Lt. Paul Chryst 401st Squadron
8th Air Force Historical Society of Minnesota Presentations
S/Sgt. John B. Baird 322nd Squadron
S/Sgt. Clement Dowler 1 324th Squadron
S/Sgt. Clement Dowler 2 324th Squadron
1st Lt. Basil Hackleman 323rd Squadron
1st Lt. Eugene L. Johnson 401st Squadron
T/Sgt. David Wolnowitz 322nd Squadron
2nd Lt. Robert "Bob" Dickson 322nd Squadron
Witness to War.org
1st Lt. William Hanna 401st Squadron