Walla Walla

 These are wonderful historic documents that we are privileged to share through the wonders of this electronic marvel, the computer and the internet.  Thanks, Jack Gaffney for sharing these bits of 91st history.  With assistance from Jeanne M. Dobson. (see typed version below)

(typed version below)

Ninety-First Bombardment Group (H), Army Air Forces
Office of the Group Commander
Special Orders   MacDill Field, Florida,
  E-X-T-R-A-C-T June 18, 1942
Number 22    
2. Pursuant to authority contained in Paragraph 24, Special Orders Number 169, Army Air Base, MacDill Field, Florida, the following named officers and enlisted men will proceed from MacDill Field, Florida to __________________________
by privately owned conveyance. Twelve days travel time is authorized for the journey. This is a permanent change of station.
QMT. TDN. FD 33 P-02 P-04 P-05 A 0425-23; QM 110 P-01 P-03 P-07 P-08 A 0500-23.


HQ & HQ Squadron - 91st Bombardment Group (H), AAF
Lieut. Col. Stanley T. Wray, 018657 Major Robert P. Hare, 0398992
Major Baskin R. Lawrence, 021529 Major John J. McNaboe, 0901207
Captain Edwin (NMI) Burge, 0138021 Captain Frank A. Moore, 0284320
Captain Louis H. Magee, 0325882 Captain Guy V. Whetstone, 0304594
1st Lt. Edward R. Akert, 0113629 1st Lt. William H. Biggs, 0434973
2nd Lt. Leslie D. Myers, 0408422 W.O. Emerson McMullin, 06994972
Enlisted Men
M/Sgt. James E. O'Brien, 7087152 M/Sgt. Toivo E. Korpi, 6649033
1st Sgt. Wallace F. Kimberlin, 14039750 T/Sgt. James E. Hosch, 14039553
T/Sgt. Rice C. Linn, 6288134 T/Sgt. William J. Morrison, 6382039
T/Sgt. Edmund E. Pueschel, 6153039 S/Sgt. Carl L. Eades, 14032605
S/Sgt. Fred (NMI) Schram, 6622818 S/Sgt. Larry M. Simpson, 6927173
S/Sgt. Charles H. Yanson, 37084001 S/Sgt. Kenneth L. Goodson, 14025805
S/Sgt. David B. Hatch, 6146062 S/Sgt. Robert J. Smith, 6911509
S/Sgt. Grover L. Dobson, 6397582 Sgt. Wayne G. Buchtel, 15013358
Sgt. John P. King, 13050952 Cpl. Joseph M. Dioguardi, 32228875
Cpl. Kenneth W. Cochran, 36029955 Cpl. Frank D. Lazzaro, 35288702
Cpl. Henry (NMI) Heuberger, 36395839 Cpl. Vincent (NMI) Stalano, 32218874
Cpl. Codie D. Guthrie, 36054007 Cpl. Robert L. Nelson, 34267191
Cpl. Morris A. Finesilver, 16395542 Pvt. Kenneth W. Helgerson, 17050295
322nd Bombardment Squadron (H), AAF.
Captain Victor S. Zienowicz, 023066 1st Lt. Frank S. Kamykowski, 0461668
1st Lt. William L. Stover, 0461535 2nd Lt. William F. Genheimer, 0390284
2nd Lt. Kenneth K. Wallick, 0430639 2nd Lt. William D. Beasley, 0442764
2nd Lt. Donald W. Corley, 0437924 2nd Lt. Robert B. Campbell, 0437993
2nd Lt. John T. Hardin, 0442691 2nd Lt. Leo P. Geary, 0430805
2nd Lt. Kenneth G. Hamm, 0414799 2nd Lt. Everett E. Blakely, 0442339
2nd Lt. Carroll D. Briscoe, 0441827 2nd Lt. Oran E. Petrich, 0435988
2nd Lt. William L. Dunlap, 0854031 2nd Lt. Harry R. Ankeny, 0465058
2nt Lt. Robert C. Gilfillan, 0447199 2nd Lt. Wayne B. Holmes, 0442512
Enlisted Men
M/Sgt. Grant W. Gibson, 6766530 S/Sgt. Richard S. Davis, 14026944
S/Sgt. Robert B. Brown, 6545542 S/Sgt. Owen P. Reynolds, 6990538
S/Sgt. Lyman T. Sheppard, 6913060 Sgt. William R. Nesbitt, 15084377
Sgt. William Schreer, 12036415 Sgt. Howard W. Gum, 14040179
Sgt. Emido S. Sarro, 32218919 Cpl. Lester F. Katz, 1302714
Pvt. Benoni Fraser, 15085305 Pvt. Joseph J. Jesser, 38148251
323rd Bombardment Squadron (H), AAF.
Captain Paul D. Brown, 0380219 1st Lt. William M. Cornell, 0461669
1st Lt. John W. Hardy, 0461552 2nd Lt. John C. Bishop, 0430564
2nd Lt. Harry S. Alexander, 0389452 2nd Lt. Lawrence P. Dwyer, Jr., 0437910
2nd Lt. William M. Anderson, 0789362 2nd Lt. George P. Birdsong, 0789364
2nd Lt. Alan L. Bobrow, 0789365 2nd Lt. Martin V. McCarty, Jr., 0436089
2nd Lt. Jack R. Ginter, 0442540 2nd Lt. Charles R. Giauque, 0442323
2nd Lt. Harvey P. John, 0789322 2nd Lt. Edward T. Layfield, 0789331
2nd Lt. Girard W. Bourgeois, 0789295  
Enlisted Men
T/Sgt. Michael N. Kunrod, 7021696 T/Sgt. William F. Parker, 6922189
S/Sgt. Morris M. Dowell, 19045743 S/Sgt. Maurice J. Gole, 14033564
S/Sgt. Joe B. Young, 14043209 Sgt. Elza G. Hardin, 6397642
Sgt. Wheeler M. Grant, 14036037 Sgt. Kellie W. Rutherford, 14033060
Sgt. James D. Thompson, 6573705 Cpl. Angelo V. Coviello, 33151508
Cpl. Benzion (NMI) Frieden, 19078861 Cpl. Robert J. Goon, 15085086
Cpl. Sam L. Routman, 34261060 Pvt. Lewis J. Fredericks, 17043318
Pvt. Arthur B. Johnson, 36214188 Pvt. Davis (NMI) Lewis, 35304110
324th Bombardment Group (H), AAF.
1st Lt. Floyd M. Marshall, 0475051 1st Lt. Haley W. Aycock, 0396354
2nd Lt. Allen (NMI) Brill, 0442336 2nd Lt. James A. Verinis, 0438088
2nd Lt. Ben T. Stogner, 0464093 2nd Lt. Hascall C. McClellan, 0413790
2nd Lt. Duane L. Jones, 0427139 2nd Lt. Nathan H. Corman, 0789373
2nd Lt. Charles E. Cliburn, 0789370 2nd Lt. John S. Jackson, 0435785
2nd Lt. Earl O. Stevens, Jr., 0789032 2nd Lt. Waldo A. Schauweker, 0789031
2nd Lt. Emory N. Batchelor, 0854016 2nd Lt. Philip S. Fischer, 0430797
2nd Lt. Floyd L. Robertson, 0789030 2nd Lt. Edward D. Gaitley, Jr., 0438013
2nd Lt. Kenneth D. Cochran, 0789008  
Enlisted Men
1st Sgt. Leslie M. Claville, 6262527 M/Sgt. Albert J. Nerone, 6999396
S/Sgt. Joseph M. Knowles, 14003896 T/Sgt. Edwin L. Barber, 7005451
S/Sgt. Louis E. Emerson, 17015920 S/Sgt. Walter C. Dager, 6558446
Sgt. Theodore R. Pennington, 35275821 Cpl. Adrian J. Baskerville, 36395078
401st Bombardment Squadron (H), AAF.
Captain Edward P. Myars, 023482 1st Lt. Dale Lasselle, 0362264
2nd Lt. John W. Banes, 0435677 2nd Lt. Oscar D. O'Neill, 0430613
2nd Lt. John T. Swais, 0431064 2nd Lt. Joseph Bernhardt, 0435668
2nd Lt. William D. Bloodgood, 0437936 2nd Lt. John W. Carroll, 0437927
2nd Lt. Dan W. Corson, 0769375 2nd Lt. John A. McLean, 0435967
2nd Lt. Joseph E. Slattery, 0436095 2nd Lt. James H. McPartlen, 0438109
2nd Lt. Harvey R. Vanukolion, 0789033 2nd Lt. Beman E. Smith, 0442564
2nd Lt. Donald E. Whiffle, 0442551 2nd Lt. George K. Trager, 0442557
2nd Lt. Nicholas P. Stoffel, 0442560 2nd Lt. William D. Moeller, 0442577
2nd Lt. Olson O. Windell, 0437056 2nd Lt. Philip W. Garris, 0854036
2nd Lt. Carl E. Rhididge, 0311736  
Enlisted Men
M/Sgt. M/Sgt. Paul (NMI) Mangola, 6810287
T/Sgt. Alexander O. Frew, 6894154 T/Sgt. Walter E. Dennis, 6598161
T/Sgt. Robert F. Atterbury, 6557532 1st Sgt. G. O. Zedonek, 6995390
S/Sgt. Thomas B. Simmons, 14039754 S/Sgt. Matthew F. Linery, 6150156
S/Sgt. Harold M. Parsons, 15070110 S/Sgt. Walton D. McDaniel, 6381861
S/Sgt. Lester B. Culp, 6995425 Cpl. Emory J. Hicks, 15082045
Pfc. Phillip K. Enier, 35258652 Cpl. Waldo W. Thompson, 6790901
Pvt. Kenneth (NMI) Ray, 35278048 Pvt. Stewart J. Johnson, 16023217
signed by  
Louis H. Magee  
Captain, Army Air Forces