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 323rd Ground Crew

This is the HONOR ROLL of the ground personnel of the 323rd Bomb Squadron, 91st Bomb Group, Bassingbourn, England, September 1942 to June 1945

Contributed by Whit Hill 

First Sergeant: Charles Baird

Flight Surgeon: Dr. Weldon Ross

Armorers: Ernest Edward Causey, Preston R. Tilley, Charles Clare (CC) Carter

Mail Clerk:  Gunder Berg

Intelligence Officer: Don Sheldon

Welder:  Eddie J Boisvert and James Brigman
Line Inspector:
Gerald Burkhart and  Claude Emmet Cantrell

Instrument Shop Chief: M/Sgt Cardwell, Charles Carter, Russell Chamberlain, Jack Chastain and Homer Clapp

Headquarters: Kenneth Cochran

Crew Chiefs: Lyle Cook, Gil Crotte, Mike Davis, Marian Darnell, William Dietrich, David L. Lloyd (Blue Dreams), Howell Loper, Mario Mattie (Eagles Wrath), Carl L Proctor, Rollin L. Davis (Rollin Davis was awarded the "Bronze Star" in keeping the "909" flying for a record 140 missions), Carl Proctor, Rurel Wood, Peter J. Hoffman, Giff Williams, Bill Love, Olon Leathers (Stup N Takit), Bob McGara and Maurice Gole (Delta Rebel #2)

Asst. Crew Chief: Louis L. Simpson (Delta Rebel #2)

Asst. Line Chief: Red Cunningham, Alvae B. Platt and M/Sgt. Phelps
Prop Specialist:
Samuel Digristina, and George Dowell

Asst. Line Inspector: Aulden Dunn, Sgt. Dunn and John Dutra

Sheet Metal Crew Chief: Whitmal W. Hill

Sheet metal Crew: Harold E Elliott, Joe Franke, Benzoic Friedman, Edward Malachowski, James Murray, and Worth Needam

Electrician: Charles Galian and Neville Harden

Mechanic: Robert C. Christman, William A Hester, Joseph T. Kardos, Theodore A. Lundberg, Leo Lyons, Harold N. Mitchamore, Robert L. Modell, Alfas Nichols, Emil Yezdimir, Ed Lincoln, Robert Detwiler, Wallace Southard, Charles H. Huffman, Hubko, V. C. Snodgrass,  Anthony Sopata, Edward Mendoza, Paul L Zimmerman, Dick McCoy, George Genotti, George Fuss, Bob Waddell, Sullivan Sculitt, Granville Taylor, Walter Hughes, Joe Katona, Albert Hudson and Harry R Raihil

Welder: James J Huffman

Flight Equipment Dispatcher: Sgt. Hutchins

Norden Bomb Sight Specialist: Myron Lay

Inspector: Gerald Massie
Line Chief: 
M/Sgt Moore
Asst Engineering Officer:
Joe Oliver and Robert M. Paulson

Assist Line Chief:
M/Sgt. Phelps 

Security: Frank S Rippa and John Shippka

Supply Sgt.: Joe Shallow and Seymore Simpson

Sheet metal Repair Crew: Albert I Speiler, Striker Street and Theodore Wyzkoski

Photo Lab: William Lyons and Photo Lab Officer: Neill Oakley