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 Photo History

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With bomb bay doors open, a B-17 of the 323rd Squadron, 91st Bomb Group (H) approaches the bomb run over the target somewhere in Europe - August 5th, 1944.

Photo contributed by Paul Chryst

*Note from Paul Chryst*

The date this picture was taken intrigued me to the point where I opened my 91st BG Diary to check it! I did fly that day. It was our crew's 2nd mission and below is typed the exact words written that day.

(A true and accurate account by 2nd Lt. Paul Chryst, 401st BS Bombardier on 2504)

Saturday, August 5, 1944:

Brkfst 0530     Briefing 0645    Stations 0705

Our crew position was left wing, Lead Sqdn., off the Lead element. Target:  underground oil storage plant near Nienberg, Germany.

Bomb load was (8) 1,000 lb. Semi-armor piercing; (4) on each side of catwalk. We marked our names on their 'noses' and they sure looked sweet poised there in the racks of the bomb bay.

Engines at 0805 after all gun barrels had been installed. We all sweated out the take-off with the heavy load we were carrying; plus 2760 gals. of gasoline. We joined the formation and departed Base at 0950 hrs. Departed the coast at Hull and flew East 300 miles to Cuxhaven, Germany. Picked up a little inaccurate flak west of Hamburg. Bandits reported in the area; but I only saw our P-47 and P-51 escorts. We hit the target right on the nose. Smoke and fire was already started by other Groups ahead of ours. No flak or fighters enroute to Base. We let down to 2,000 ft. on the way 'home.' The total mileage was 1025. 

0315 hrs. Took shower, wrote to Nancy and hit sack at 2300 hrs. (on Alert for tomorrow)