Sleepytime Gal (42-102527)

This may have been the last photo of Sleepytime Gal at Bassingbourn. The photo above was taken the same day that Sleepytime Gal was shot down. 2nd Lt. James P. Van Pelt (Bombardier) is shown on the right checking the bombs. The other two service members are unidentified ground crew.

2nd Lt. James Van Pelt (Bombardier) and 2nd Lt. Alfred Kovner (Navigator) were relocated on 21 June 1944 to Sleepytime Gal from Superstitious Aloysius. Sleepytime Gal was shot down later en route to Berlin. James Van Pelt became a POW and Alfred Kovner was KIA.


Photo and information contributed by Drew Van Pelt (son of 2nd Lt. James Van Pelt, Bombardier)