91st Bomb Group (H) 2nd Year Anniversary in the European Theater of Operations Celebration

(From the 323rd Dailies) 14-18 September 1944. During this period, inclusive, there were no missions. Squadron engaged in the usual ground school and training activities on all days except the 17th. This was the day set aside for celebration of the second anniversary of the 91st Bomb Group (H) in the E.T.O. Each individual officer and enlisted man had the privilege of inviting a guest to the field and arrangements were made to accommodate those who wished to stay overnight. At least a thousand guests were here for the day. There was a carnival located on the athletic field for amusement of those who like that sort of thing. There was an exhibition of horsemanship by five Russian Cossacks, who put on a splendid show. Two free shows were held in the Red Cross snack bar in the evening, one English and one American. There was free beer for all, and a picnic lunch was served on the Athletic field that, due to the quality of the food and the excellent cookery, easily constituted a highlight of the day. At night there were dances in the Officer's Clubs, and one in hanger "C" for the enlisted men. All activities contributed toward the success of the party. Everyone was put on what may be termed "his good behavior" and there were no grounds for disappointments in that at the close of the day. All men enjoyed themselves as perfect gentlemen, even if slightly inebriated, and the guests had a splendid visit with us.


Photo taken by Dale Darling and contributed by Bob Kelley