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 Support Unit

(L-R) Queen Elizabeth, MSgt. Franklin (Benny) Albrigt, MSgt. Robart Momahon, and Pvt. Charles Busa

687643 WP........

Their Majesties Visit U.S. Air Base

England - - Britain's Queen Elisabeth talks with members of the ground crew of the bomber "Memphis Belle," who are due in the United States, as they have completed their tour of combat operations. Photo was taken during a recent visit by King George and Queen Elisabeth to a U.S. Airforce base "somewhere in England." Facing Her Majesty are (left to right) (Crew Chief) Master SGT. Franklin F. Albrigt of Mifflinburg, PA; Master Sgt. Robart W. Momahon, Athene, ALA; and PVT. Charles F. Busa, of Boston, MASS. (Passed by Censors). Credit Line (ACMF.) Bur Mur BP ATLTBF (WP).


Copy of News Release in English Paper (ML)


Photos contributed by Finn Green