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 Support Unit

This is a photo of the 2024th Engineer Aviation F/F Platoon, AAF Station 121, Bassingbourn, England.

(Engineer Aviation Fire Fighting Platoon)

Back Row: L to R

Unknown; Dick; Unknown, Robert F. Call; Steve Gallo; Reed; Robert Axe

Middle Row: L to R

Unknown; Supisga; Lt. Andrew J. Piggot; Morton; Regan

Front Row: L to R

Reed, Vernushic; Earsel B. Williamson; Fisher; Sanasaro

Photo contributed by Mike Williamson

(Mike Williamson said that his dad is the one without the jacket in the front row. He explained that during a short stay in the hospital on the base, someone thought they needed it more than he did.)

Color photo of 2024th Engineer Aviation Fire Fighting Platoon, Bassingbourn, England

(B-17 in the background is No. 880 "Little Miss Mischief" of the 324th BS)