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 The Wolf

324th Squadron

McGee's crew

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Serial #

Back Row - Left to Right

Fewer E. McGee, Pilot; Bruce V. Parsons, Co-pilot; Jack E. Hill, Bombardier; Edward L. Moore, Navigator

Front Row - Left to Right

William E. Graham, Engineer/Top Turret Gunner; Frank T. Kaschok, Waist Gunner; Walter E. Getsey, Radio Operator; Thomas A. McMenamin, Ball Turret Gunner; Clifford N. Kirkpatrick, Waist Gunner; N. DelAmanto; original Tail Gunner (later replaced by Richard R. Bodine)

Photo contributed by Ed McGee (son of pilot Fewer E. McGee)

The Wolf Factoid - According to Ed McGee - Bruce V. Parsons (Co-pilot) was not flying as co-pilot when "The Wolf" went down on 4 FEB 1944. Parsons had become a pilot and was flying "The Wild Hare" on the same mission but returned to Bassingbourn on 4 FEB 1944. Max W. Sweyer was co-pilot of "The Wolf" on 4 FEB 1944 (POW).

Edward L. Moore (Navigator) was shot down (POW) 31 DEC 1943 on "Oklahoma Okie." Donald J. Vandervelden was Navigator of "The Wolf" on 4 FEB 1944 (POW). Jack E. Hill (Bombardier) was shot down (KIA) 31 DEC 1943 on "Oklahoma Okie." Edward L. Bauer was Bombardier on "The Wolf" 4 FEB 1944 (POW). Clifford N. Kirkpatrick (Waist Gunner) was KIA on "The Wolf" 4 FEB 1944. Walter E. Getsey (Radio Operator) (POW) 4 FEB 1944. Walter later suffered a mental breakdown in prison camp and was shot by and killed by guards while being transported by boat to Swinemunde.

The remainder of the crew of "The Wolf" became POWs 4 FEB 1944: Fewer E. McGee, Walter E. Graham, Frank T. Kaschok, Thomas A. McMenamin, Richard R. Bodine