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 Wee Willie

322nd Squadron

sound5.gif (1201 bytes) Rhapsody in Blue

Serial # 42-31333 LG-W

Back Row - Left to Right

Unknown; Unknown; Unknown; Unknown; Unknown; Unknown

Front Row - Left to Right

Unknown; Unknown; Dennis Moore, Tailgunner

Photo contributed by Simon Davies

Wee Willie Factoid - The photo above was provided to Simon Davies from the daughter of S/Sgt. Lakos. S/gt. Lakos completed his tour 36-0 on 20 January 1945, just prior to Wee Willie being brought down by flak over Germany.

Val Brostrom provided info about Tailgunner Dennis Moore and suggested the photo was taken shortly after the 25 Sept mission in which he got flak near his right eye and in his wrist. He was the Tailgunner referenced on page 9 in Maurice Sherk's combat diary.