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 Sleepytime Gal

322nd Squadron

Lt. Jessop's Crew

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Serial # 42-102527 LG A/P/H

Back Row - Left to Right

Unknown Ground crew; Unknown; T/Sgt. Berchel L. Shope (Shoupe?), Radio Operator; T/Sgt. Joseph F. Zastenchik, Tail Gunner; T/Sgt. Walden P. Southworth, Flight Engineer; Unknown Ground Crew

Front Row - Left to Right

1st Lt. Joe McNeil, Navigator; 1st Lt. Paul D. Jessop, Pilot; 2nd Lt. Joseph Gagliano, Bombardier; 2nd Lt. Edward Waters, Co-pilot

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Sleepytime Gal Factoid - Lt. Waters was shot down on 21 June 1944 while co-piloting Sleepytime Gal on a bombing mission to Berlin. He became a POW at Stalag Luft III. T/Sgt's Shope, Southworth, and Zastenchik completed their operational tour on 15 June 1944.