Ritzy Blitz

324th Squadron

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Serial # 42-29487 

Back Row - Left to Right

Sgt James Lascu Jr., Radio Operator (KIA); Sgt Stanley E. Lyttle, Tail Gunner (KIA); Sgt Walter F. Williams Jr., Waist gunner (POW); Sgt William O. Francisco, Waist Gunner (POW); Sgt George M. Richardson, Ball Turret Gunner (KIA)

Front Row - Left to Right

2nd Lt. Carey E. Goodwin, Jr., Navigator (POW); 2nd Lt. Donald W. Jones, Co-Pilot (POW); 2nd Lt. Wayne D. Hedglin, Pilot (POW); 2nd Lt. John W. McKewen Jr., Bombardier (KIA); Sgt Cody L. Wolf, TR (KIA)


Ritzy Blitz Factoid - Ritzy Blitz went MIA on 11 January 1944 during the Oschersleben Raid. Twila Harper supplied the photograph of the crew. She is the half sister of Stanley Lyttle, who was the tail gunner on Ritzy Blitz.

Email from Margaret Ann Wolf Harris (DEC 2013), daughter of Sgt. Cody Wolf:

Thank you for posting the names of the crew (Ritzy Blitz) and the picture of their plane. I thought that you might be interested in this. My father, Cody Wolf, spoke on a radio broadcast from England on Christmas Day, 1943. The broadcast was the idea of the Baltimore Sunpaper and they produced it. My father was killed in action on Jan. 11, 1944. The Baltimore Sunpaper just found the records of the broadcast and had them transcribed. The show was rebroadcast on Dec. 20 and again on Christmas Eve this year. I was 17 months old when he was killed in action, so, to me, this is the first time that I heard his voice and heard him say my name. It was a wonderful Christmas present for all of my family. You can listen to it and see all of the background work that the Sunpapers completed. My father speaks during the second part around 7 min. 20 seconds. The entire site is just a wonderful piece of history.



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