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 Ramblin Rebel

323rd Squadron

Lt. Pickard's Crew

sound5.gif (1201 bytes) 'C' Jam Blues

Serial # 43-37540 OR B/Z

Back Row - Left to Right

Sgt. Perry ("Squeaky") Wofford, assistant AEG and Waist Gunner (Fresno, CA); T/Sgt. Edmund Crafton, Radio Operator (Portageville, MO); Sgt. Wayne ("Stormy") Wrightsman, Flight Engineer.

Front Row - Left to Right

Bascom P. ("Smitty") Smith, Co-pilot (from NC); 1st Lt. Walter M. Pickard, Pilot (Luverne, AL)

Photo contributed by Leonard Contreras

Ramblin Rebel Factoid - Thank you to Col Walter M. Pickard's daughter, Martha Pickard Zink, for supplying the airmen's names above. Col Pickard published his memoirs before he died in the book, The God's Smiled. The crew went down in the North Sea 03 MARCH 1944 in "My Desire," Serial #237965. According to Col Pickard's daughter, tragically five of the crewmen perished of hypothermia before they were resuced.