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 Qualified Quail

401st Squadron

Lt. Guldner's Crew

sound5.gif (1201 bytes) Chattanooga Choo Choo

Serial # 42-97851 LL-K

Back Row - Left to Right

Sgt. John Hassler, Ground Crew (mechanic); Sgt. Nowell (Bud) W. Rodewald, Ground Crew; Sgt. James D. Felts, Ball Turret Gunner; Sgt. George Elliott, Ground Crew (mechanic); Sgt. Virgil Mott, Ground Crew (mechanic); Sgt. Karl F. Schwantes, Tail Gunner; Sgt. Ray Rummage, Waist Gunner

Front Row - Left to Right

S/Sgt. Donald Wilkinson, Flight Engineer; Lt. William E. Guldner, Pilot; Lt. Avery O. Gage, Navigator; Lt. Harley E. McVay, Co-pilot; Lt. Raymond A. Johnson, Bombardier; S/Sgt. Benjamin Camarino, Radio Operator

Photo contributed by Avery Gage

Qualified Quail Factoid - This crew flew its first mission on 2 June 1944 and its 32nd on 12 August 1944. On 20 July 1944, they flew the Leipzig mission. Their plane was the only one of six in the low squadron to survive the fighter attacks. Qualified Quail Navigator Avery Gage commented, "We were extremely lucky as we were one of the few crews who came home together."