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 Priority Gal

323rd Squadron

Lt. Pryor's Crew (?)

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Serial # 42-97304 OR C

Back Row - Left to Right

Members of the ground crew - names unknown

Middle Row - Left to Right

Unknown; Unknown; Unknown; Unknown; Unknown; Unknown

Front Row - Left to Right

Unknown; Unknown; Unknown; Unknown

Photo contributed by Len Magrisi

Priority Gal Factoid - Possible names for crew photo above: Lt. Pryor, Pilot; Lt. Brennan, Co-pilot; Lt. Gottsche, Navigator; Robert Diehl, Radio Operator; Loney, Tail Gunner; McGrory, Ball Turret Gunner; Leonard Magrisi, Waist Gunner; S/Sgt. Irwin Feldman; other waist gunner may be Jack Grosh