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 Old Battle Axe

401st Squadron

Lt. Borgeson's Crew

sound5.gif (1201 bytes) On A Slow Boat to China

Serial # 43-37887

Back Row - Left to Right

Carl Ducklinsky, Ball Turret Gunner; George Wong, Waist Gunner; Richard Melcher, Tail Gunner; Conrad Lohoefer, Engineer/Top Turret Gunner; Conner Hicks, Armor Gunner; Jack Rubenfeld, Radio Operator/Waist Gunner.

Front Row - Left to Right

2nd Lt. Robert Harris, Bombardier; 2nd Lt. Eugene Johnson, Navigator; 2nd Lt. Clinton Knighton, Co-pilot; 2nd Lt. Menford Borgeson, Pilot.

Photo contributed by Menford Borgeson

Check out high magnification of "Old Battle Axe" in right wing lead.

Old Battle Axe Factoid - This crew flew their missions between 27 November 1944 and 21 March 1945. Most of their missions were flown in the B17G "Old Battle Axe."

Note: George Wong was lost in action over Stendal, Germany on his last mission.

Record of Missions (contributed by Menford Borgeson, Lt. Col., U.S.A.F. Ret.)

Mission Number Location Target
1. Offenburg, Germany Rail Road
2. Misburge Rail Road
3. Berlin S. Plant
4. Stuttgart Rail Road
5. Frankfurt Rail Road
6. Merseburg Oil Choff
7. Engine T.O. - -
8. Wittirth Troops
9. Bethought Com. Center
10. Kossel Rail Road
11. Cologne Rail Road
12. Coblentze Rail Road
13. Cologne Bridge
14. Cologne Bridge
15. Ingolstadt Rail Road
16. Aschaffenburg Rail Road
17. Sterkorde Oil
18. Cologne Bridge
19. Mannheim Bridge
20. Berlin Rail Road
21. Dresden Com. Center
22. Nuremberg Rail Road
23. Nuremberg Elt Ports
24. Stendal Rail Road
25. Leipzig Rail Road
26. Heilbronn Rail Road
27. Plauen Rail Road
28. Dortmund Cook.
29. Husla Benzolo
30. Dillenbourge Rail Road
31. Osnabrook Rail Road
32. Oranienburg Rail Road
33. Berlin Rail Road
34. Plauen Rail Road
35. Salesburge Air Field