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 Mount 'N Ride

323rd Squadron

Lt. Bradford's Crew

sound5.gif (1201 bytes) Serenade in Blue

Serial # 42-31585 OR B

Back Row - Left to Right

T/Sgt. Hobart P. "Pete" Peterson, Turret Gunner (St. Louis, Missouri); S/Sgt. Lucian "Okie" Wright, Engineer/Gunner (Butler, Oklahoma); T/Sgt. Norman H. Bunin, Radio Operator (Jericho, New York); S/Sgt. Nicholas P. "Nick" Merletti, Waist Gunner (Cheshire, Connecticut); S/Sgt. Malcolm E. Brandt, Tail Gunner (Evansville, Indiana); S/Sgt. Robert "Bob" Modell, Ball Turret Gunner (Bayside, New York)

Front Row - Left to Right

Lt. Doyle E. "Brad" Bradford, Pilot (Tulsa, Oklahoma); Lt. Arthur "Art" Camosy, Co-pilot (Keokuk, Iowa); "Mickey," Mascot; Lt. Albert T. "Bert" Trendell, Navigator (Syracuse, New York); Lt. Jack Athern, Bombardier (Deer Lodge, Montana)

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Mount 'N Ride Factoid - After the second mission, Lt. Robert "Bob" Mercereau of Long Island, New York replaced Co-pilot Lt. Camosy who was assigned to another crew and was killed in action.