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 McCardle's Crew

323rd Squadron

sound5.gif (1201 bytes) Pennsylvania 65000

Serial # 42-102392

Back Row - Left to Right

Sgt. Rex Silver, Waist Gunner; Sgt. Harold E. McMurray, Ball Turret Gunner; Sgt. Donald J. Kowall, Waist Gunner; S/Sgt. Billy J. Stanley, Top Turret; Sgt. Guy C. Johnson, Tail Gunner; S/Sgt. Roy F. Neumann, Radioman

Front Row - Left to Right

2nd Lt. Clifford A Stanton, Jr. Navigator; 1st Lt. Albert F. McCardle, Pilot; 2nd Lt. Joseph E. Vandenboom, Co-Pilot; 2nd Lt. Everett D. Lunde, Bombardier

Photo contributed by Ryan O'Hara

McCardle's Crew Factoid - Eight members of the aircraft were KIA, May 1, 1944 on a mission to Troyes, France.