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 Mary Lou

323rd Squadron

Maj. Berry's Crew

sound5.gif (1201 bytes) Sophisticated Lady

Serial # 42-97504 OR-P

Back Row - Left to Right

Capt. William H. Weise, Navigator; Capt. Cecil E. Williams, Bombardier; Capt. Kenneth T. McFarland, Co-pilot; Maj. James F. Berry, Pilot

Front Row - Left to Right

Sgt. Beauford Brush, Ball Turret Gunner (Kentucky); Sgt. Street, Tail Gunner; Sgt. John Corrolie, Waist Gunner; Sgt. Wycoski, Waist Gunner; Sgt. David O. Armstrong, Top Turret Gunner; Sgt. Mexico J. Barraza, Radio Operator


Mary Lou Factoid - Mary Lou was named after Mary Looram, wife of Major James Berry who called her Mary Loo. When the nose art was painted, the artist (Tony Starcer) spelled the name in the way everyone else does. Berry left it the way it was painted not wanting to jinx the plane. It worked.