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 Man O War II

322nd Squadron

Lt. Burtt's Crew

sound5.gif (1201 bytes) Sing Sing Sing

Serial # 42-38083

Back Row - Left to Right

Sgt. Harold H. Jones, Radio Operator (Mont Alto, Pennsylvania); S/Sgt. Vern P. Woodward, Top Turret Gunner (Greenwich, New York); Sgt. Weiss, Waist Gunner (Michigan); Sgt. Jack Webb, Waist Gunner (Illinois); Sgt. John J. (Moose) Wheeler, Tail Gunner (Buffalo, New York); Sgt. Rudolph (Rudy) Thigpen, Ball Turret Gunner (Shreveport, Louisiana); Unknown

Front Row - Left to Right

2nd Lt. R.L. West, Navigator (Cincinnati, Ohio); 1st Lt. William S. Burtt, Pilot (Grand Rapids, Michigan); 1st Lt. Frank Alford, Co-Pilot (Texas)

Photo contributed by Leonard Contreras

Man O War II Factoid - This photo was taken 10 February 1944. The pilot in this photo is Lt. William Burtt. Lt. Burtt completed his tour of duty with the 91st BG in May 1944 and was killed on 16 September 1944 while training with a fighter group. The original crew on 6 January 1944 included Sgt. Roy Wright, Engineer (Montana), killed 29 January 1944 at Frankfort, Germany.