Man O' War

323rd Squadron

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Serial #  41-24399

Back Row - Left to Right:

Sgt. Emmitt R. Wilson, Ball Turret Gunner; Koons, Waist Gunner; Sgt. Robert G. Gaynor, Waist Gunner; Sgt. Charles W. Neal, Top Turret Gunner; Sgt. William J. Barrett, Radio Operator; Sgt. Richard Robinson, Tail Gunner.

Front Row - Left to Right:

2nd Lt. Adrian T. VanBemmel, Navigator; 2nd Lt. Charles A. Bennet, Co-pilot; 2nd Lt. Charles H. Silvernail, Pilot; 2nd Lt. Maurice J. Sullivan, Bombardier.


Man O' War Factoid - Man-O-War crashed near the village of Opijnen, Holland and it is here that the bodies of eight crewmen are buried. See 91st Memorials for the Opijnen Memorial.  The crew assigned to Man-O-War on July 30, 1943, the day it was lost: *Lt. Keene C. McCammon, Pilot; *Lt. John P. Bruce, Co-Pilot; 1st Lt. Robert U. Duggan, Navigator; 2nd Lt. Daniel V. Ohman, Bombardier; T/Sgt. Douglas V. Blackwood, Radio Operator; S/Sgt. Mike A. Perotta, Ball Turret Gunner; S/Sgt. Hermon D. Poling, Tail Gunner; T/Sgt. Americo Cianfichi, Engineer; S/Sgt. Harold R. Sparks, Waist Gunner; S/Sgt. George R. Kruger, Waist Gunner.


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