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 Mah Ideel

324th Squadron

Lt. William Laws' Crew

sound5.gif (1201 bytes) White Cliffs of Dover

Back Row - Left to Right

Matt Munding, Waist Gunner (Muskogee, Oklahoma); Gerald R. Engstad, Ball Turret Gunner (Onalaska, Wisconsin); Floyd Frey, Bombardier (Ann Arbor, Michigan); Bernard (Ed) Goldstein, Co-pilot (Brooklyn, New York); Otto J. Krause, Navigator (Detroit, Michigan); 1Lt. William V. (Bill) Laws, Pilot (Portland, Oregon)

Front Row - Left to Right

Ted Townsend, Tail Gunner, (Piqua, Ohio); Dale Darling, Radio Operator (Lawrenceburg, Indiana); Howard Stebelton, Flight Engineer/Top Turret Gunner (Canal Winchester, Ohio)


Lt. William Laws' crew flew mostly on Mah Ideel (above), Serial # 43-37993 DF N.

(above) William V. (Bill) Laws

(above) Top Row - William (Bill) Laws, Bernard (Ed) Goldstein

Bottom Row - Floyd Frey, Otto Krause

(Officers in front of Round Trip Topsy)

(above) Dale Darling - snow in January 1945

(above) Dale Darling - big snow 1945

(above) Bernard Goldstein

(above, L-R) Matt Munding and Dale Darling


The color photos above were taken by Dale Darling. Photos contributed by Bob Kelley. Crew names were provided by Howard Stebelton.


Mah Ideel Factoid - Bernard (Ed) Goldstein was KIA 30 November 1944 while flying with another crew. Pilot William V. Laws was killed 11 December 1948 (see newspaper article below from the Portland, Oregon Journal).