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 Madame Shoo Shoo

322nd Squadron

Lt. Gordon's Crew

sound5.gif (1201 bytes) Serenade in Blue

Serial # 43-37707 LG M

Back Row - Left to Right

S/Sgt. H.T. Malon, Engineer (New Jersey); S/Sgt. S.B. Blakely, Radio Operator (Arkansas); S/Sgt. C.P. King, Armorer Gunner (Idaho); S/Sgt. E.N. Waller, Top Turret Gunner (Mississippi); S/Sgt. B.J. Katewski, Tail Gunner (Iowa); S/Sgt. A.W. Shockley, Ball Turret Gunner (Oklahoma)

Front Row - Left to Right

1st Lt. Thomas Gordon, Pilot (Lakewood, Ohio); 1st Lt. Andrew "Andy" Anderson, Co-pilot (Los Angeles, California); 1st Lt. Jack Swisher, Navigator (East Liverpool, Ohio); 1st Lt. Mitch Maged, Bombardier


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