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 Hikin' for Home

(aka the Bloody Bucket; aka Anne)

322nd Squadron

Hanst's Crew

sound5.gif (1201 bytes) White Cliffs of Dover

Back Row - Left to Right

Chester Waltman, Tail Gunner (Michigan); Adam Josefovicz, Ball Turret Gunner (Pennsylvania); Clarence Dowd, Waist Gunner (California); Morton Goldberger, Radio Operator (New York); Edward Reilly, Waist Gunner (New York); Oliver Strauss, Top Turret Gunner/Engineer (New York).

Front Row - Left to Right

Eddie Edwards, Bombardier (New Jersey); James Bailey, Navigator (Florida); Harry Rollinson, Co-pilot (Pennsylvania); David Hanst, Pilot (Pennsylvania).

Crew photo contributed by Dave Hanst

Serial #

Hikin' for Home Factoid - Crew photo taken at Drew Field, FL in January 1944.