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 Hell and High Water

401st Squadron

Lt. Mason's Crew

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Serial # 42-31869

Back Row - Left to Right

T/Sgt. Robert F. Perkins, Top Turret Gunner (Chicago, IL); T/Sgt. Ronald F. Cannon, Radio Operator (Boseville, OH); S/Sgt. Jack J. Ney, Waist Gunner (San Antonio, TX); S/Sgt. Victor H. Clifford, Ball Turret Gunner (Hartford, CT); S/Sgt. Ralph F. Renzelman, Waist Gunner (New Hampshire); S/Sgt. Donald C. Zahler, Tail Gunner (Armor, New York).

Front Row - Left to Right

1st Lt. Clyde V. Mason, Pilot (Los Angeles, CA); 2nd Lt. Gilbert M. Falck, Co-pilot (Minneapolis, MN); 2nd Lt. William E. Eberly, Navigator (PA); 2nd Lt. Angelo J. Depeder, Bombardier (Chicago, IL).

Above photo contributed by Celeste Bancroft

Below - links to individual photos of crew members taken at the Bassingbourn barracks

T/Sgt. Ronald Cannon

S/Sgt. Victor Clifford

S/Sgt. Jack Ney (1); S/Sgt. Jack Ney (2)

T/Sgt. Robert Perkins (1); T/Sgt. Robert Perkins (2)

S/Sgt. Ralph Renzelman

S/Sgt. Donald Zahler


Hell and High Water Factoid - This crew was shot down south of Berlin. Two crew members were KIA.