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 The Eagle's Wrath

323rd Squadron

Lt. Giauque's Crew

sound5.gif (1201 bytes) April in Paris

Serial # 41-24524

Back Row - Left to Right

Lawrence R. Ott, Navigator; Edward W. Lethers, Co-pilot; Lt. Charles R. Giauque, Pilot; William C. Butler, Bombardier.

Front Row - Left to Right

Walter W. Wawrzynek, Waist Gunner; Lyle L. Taylor, Tail Gunner; Hubert E. Corl, Radio Operator; Keva Sumergrad, Top Turret Gunner & Assistant Flight Engineer; James F. Jones, Flight Engineer & Waist Gunner; Lloyd J. Mahan, Ball Turret Gunner & Assistant Radio Operator.

Photo and names contributed by Chuck Giauque

The Eagle's Wrath Factoid - The crew of The Eagle's Wrath was one of the 9 original B-17 crews in the 91st Bomb Group (H) 323rd Squadron that flew from Dow Field, Maine in September 1942.