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 Chief Sly II

322nd Squadron

Barton's Crew

sound5.gif (1201 bytes) Satin Doll

Serial # 25139?

Left to Right

Marshall B. "Mush" Haugen, Radio Operator (standing in the Jeep with hand on his knee); Unknown; Unknown; Unknown; Unknown; Unknown; Unknown; Bruce D. Barton, Pilot (leaning with elbow on the plane); Unknown

Sitting in the door of the Jeep - Lester B. Snook, Waist Gunner

The following names were contributed by Glen Kessler, Radio Operator on Don Bader's crew Heavyweight Annihilators: M. Haugen and L. Snook. Glen Kessler trained with M. Haugen. These guys were the original crews that flew from Nov. 1942 to June or July 1943.


Chief Sly II Factoid - None Available