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 Dailies of the 324th Squadron


Transcribed by Andy Caswell & Scanned by Mike Banta

(13) St. Nazaire   3 January 1943


069  Lt. Gaitley None   None         Moderate       1 engine on fire at target. Lucky to get back. Sgt Justice killed 

515  Lt. Fischer 3-0-0  1-1-0        Moderate       Lt. Bercu killed.

485  Maj. Putnam 1-0-0  None         Slight         E/A eager & persistent               

     Capt. Morgan

480  Lt. Cliburn None   None         Minor          Enemy pilots experienced

970  Lt. Flanagan                                   Abortive-Guns out

Target:    Torpedo Store.

Sq. Losses: None (1 killed, 1 wounded)

Gp. Losses: 1 A/C, 2 killed, 9 wounded, 10 missing.

Remarks: F.R.U. photo revealed direct hits on target. No fighter support 

Flak heaviest and most accurate to date.

Nose attacks continued.  We lost A/C 804, Lt. Anderson of 323rd Squadron.

(14) Lille 13 January 1943


480  Lt. Cliburn   None   None     None  Bombing by Group ahead was good.

485  Capt. Morgan  None   None     None           Lead ship

          Col. Wray

490  Capt. Gaitley None   None     None           None

     Maj. Putnam

515  Lt. Fischer   None   None     None           None

970  Lt. Verinis   None   None     None           Bombs hung up

Target:     Marshalling yards

Sq. Losses: None

Gp. Losses: 3 wounded

Remarks:   Saw 9 hits on target - generally believed good. 

 R.R. tracks seen hit - some dropped in field.   

(15) Lorient - Keroman    23 January 1943


485 Capt. Morgan None   None       Moderate      Lead ship.

970 Lt. Verinis  None   None       Minor         None

480 Lt. Cliburn  None  0-1-0       Moderate      Formation scattered

504 Lt. Fischer  None  1-4-0       Considerable  Sgt. Richardson 

recommended for medal. Landed A/C at Little Horwood.

515 Capt Gaitley 1-0-1 None        Minor         None

490 Capt. Crumm  None  None        None        E/A pressing in close

Target:   Submarine pens and installations.

Sq. Losses:   None (1 killed, 5 wounded)

Gp. Losses: None (1 killed, 5 wounded)

Remarks: Estimation 15 to 20 hits in target area.  Photos reveal heavy damage to warehouse next to slips.  Sgt. James killed, Sgt. Richardson, Sgt Mackenzie, Sgt Kirkpatrick, Lt Fischer & Lt Dean wounded.                                      

(16) Wilhelmshaven    27 January 1943 


069 Lt. Cliburn 1-0-0  None       destination   None

490 Capt. Crumm None   0-1-0      Slight        10th & final mission 

- USA (Transcriber’s note - Actually, their last mission was their 11th on 4 Feb. When they were the first crew from the Eighth Bomber  Command to be sent home to help prepare An Aircrew Combat Manual.)

970 Lt. Verinis 3-0-0  None       Slight         None 

480 Capt Gaitley None  None       Slight         None

527 Capt. Morgan                                 Abortive

Target:     Power House and submarine construction.

Sq. Losses: None (1 wounded slightly)

Gp. Losses: None (1 wounded)

Remarks:   First mission into Germany .  Results believed poor- undercast and smoke screen.  Enemy pilots seemed inexperienced.

(17) Emden    4 February 1943 


527  Lt. Brill  None  None       Slight          None

480  Lt Cliburn 0-1-0 0-1-0     Considerable Smoke screen over area

515  Capt Morgan None  None      Slight          Lead ship. Air to air bombing attempts.

     Col. Wray

970  Lt. Verinis 2-0-0  None      Slight         E/A attacked in formation

490  Capt. Crumm None   None      Slight   Few bombs go into center of city

Target:    Primary Hamm not attacked. Last resort at Emden attacked.

Sq. Losses: None (1 slightly wounded)

Gp. Losses: 2 A/C (3 wounded, 20 missing)

Remarks: Bombs into town but results unobserved.  One A/C dropped on convoy near Zuider Zee scoring near misses.  We lost 589, Lt. Ellis, and 544, Lt. Bobrow of 323rd.   

(18)   Hamm    14 February 1943


485  Capt. Morgan  None

069  Capt. Gaitley

515  Lt. Cliburn Abortive - 10/10 (Transcriber’s note - Recalled because of weather)

490  Lt. Brill

970  Lt. Verinis

Target:   Bottleneck in important marshalling yards.

(19)   St. Nazaire  16 February 1943


459  Lt. Jackson    Abortive - Guns out, plus engine trouble.

515  Lt. Cliburn 1-0-0  None      Slight         None

970  Lt. Verinis None   None      Slight         None

490  Lt. Brill   0-1-0  1-0-0     Considerable   Sgt Middleton killed

485  Capt Morgan None   None      Slight         None

Target:     Locks at entrance to basin.

Sq. Losses: None (1 killed)

Gp. Losses: None (1 killed)

Remarks: Saw many bombs hitting target. Also saw bombing of group ahead (306th and it looked perfect. Fires seen on both sides of basin.  Air to air bombing attempted by FW 190's.

(20)   Wilhelmshaven    26 February 1943


480  Lt. Jackson      Abortive - 1 engine out.

464  Lt. Brill    None   None       None          None

069  Capt Gaitley None   None       None          None

515  Capt. Morgan None   None       None          Photographer:

Major (unreadable) - Twin nose guns work swell.

Target:    Submarine construction.

Sq. Losses: - None

Gp. Losses:- 2 A/C (20 missing)

Remarks: Weather prevented attack on Bremen.  A/C turned over Wilhelmshaven , bombs scattered all over N W Germany  

We lost 2  401st A/C: 447- Capt. Swais, and 362 - Lt. Smith

(21)   Brest    27 February 1943


639  Lt. Brill  None  None       None           None

515  Lt. Jackson None None       None           None

970  Lt. Cliburn None None       None           None

069  Capt. Gaitley

Target:   - Docks and port area.

Sq. Losses: - None

Gp. Losses: - None

Remarks:   Results of bombing believed to have been good.

(22)   Hamm      4 March 1943   


464 Lt. Brill      None    3-0-0   A/C Lost      Ditched in North Sea .

370 Lt. Henderson                                Missing 

970 Lt. Verinis    1-0-0   None    Slight    Never go again alone with one group

069 Capt. Gaitley  1-1-0   None    Moderate      Remarkable bombing.

480 Lt. Cliburn    None    None    Slight        None

515 Capt. Morgan   None              Abortive Engine failure

Target:   Marshaling Yards 

Sq. Losses: 2 A/C (3 dead, 3 wounded, 10 missing).

Gp. Losses: 4 A/C (4 dead, 12 wounded, 30 missing).

Remarks: Famous attack on Hamm by 91st all alone after other groups had turned back. - Missing: Lt. Henderson and crew, on his first mission as a first pilot. Lt. Brill ditched: 7 of crew picked up in North Sea after Lt. Brill, Lt. Lowry  and Sgt. Morgan drowned. Also missing: Capt. McCarty and crew of 323rd and Lt. Felton and crew of 322nd.

(23)   Lorient 6 March 1943    


485  Capt. Morgan  None   None          None       None

970  Lt. Jackson   1-0-0  None          None       None

480  Lt. Chilburn  None   None          None       None

Target:   Submarine Pens.

Sq. Losses: None

Gp. Losses: None

Remarks: Successful bombing. A/C landed at Davidstow to refuel and for interrogation.    

(24)   Rennes   8 March 1943   


485  Capt. Gaitley  None                              Abortive: 1 engine out

480  Lt. Coen       None     None       None          None

515  Lt. Jackson    2-0-0    None       None          Good bomb pattern.

970  Lt. Verinis    None     None       None          Bombing good for Group ahead

Target: Marshaling Yard.

Sq. Losses; None

Gp. Losses: None

Remarks: Successful mission with good bombing results. 

(25)   Rouen   12 March 1943  


537  Lt. Coen       None   None       None          None

970  Lt. Verinis    None   None       None          Excellent fighter support

515  Lt. Jackson    None   None       None          Huge explosion at target

485  Capt. Morgan   None   None       None          None

480  Lt. Cliburn    None   None       None          Direct hits on engine shed

Target:   Engine sheds and Marshaling yards.

Sq. Losses:   None

Gp. Losses: None 

Remarks: Bombing results excellent. Large orange fires seen in center of target abortives. Excellent Spitfire cover with weak E/A and flak opposition.    

(26)   Abbeville  13 March 1943


537  Lt. Coen        None   None        None          None

487  Capt. Gaitley   None   None       None          None

485  Capt. Morgan    None   None       None          None

970  Lt. Verinis     None   None       None          None

480  Lt. Cliburn     None   None       None          None

515  Lt. Jackson     None   None       None          None

Target:   Locomotive Depots ( Amiens ).

Secondary - Marshaling Yards, Abbeville.

Sq. Losses:   None

Gp. Losses: None

Remarks: Collision of course on bomb run forced our Group away from target. Some of our A/C dropped at Abbeville airdrome and some dropped at other targets with poor accuracy.

(27)   Vegesack  18 March 1943  


970  Lt. Verinis    1-0-0  None       None             None

515  Lt. Jackson    None   None       None             None

487  Capt. Gaitley  2-0-0  None       None             None

480  Lt. Coen              None       Abortive - Engine trouble

Target:   Power house at Sub. - building yards

Sub. Slips and 18 Subs under construction.

Sq. Losses:   None

Gp. Losses: None

Remarks: - Bombing results reported as very good.  Large fires and billowing smoke were seen to rise from the target area.

Crews report that nearly all our bombs were seen to burst squarely within assigned target area.  E/A opposition was intense and considerable but we were lucky    

(28)   Wilhelmshaven     22 March 1943 


485  Capt. Morgan    None     None      None        306 bombs looked good

504  Lt. Cliburn     1-0-0    None      None        2 engines out.

537  Lt. Coen        None     None      None        Stayed with Cliburn

487  Capt. Gaitley   None     None      None        None

970  Lt. Verinis     1-0-0    None      None        JU 88's air -to-air bombing

659  Capt. McClellan 2-1-0    10 missing

Target:   Dock area.

Sq Losses:   One (10 missing)

Gp. Losses: One (10missing)

Remarks: Bombing results good, aiming point hit. Large fires and smoke. We lost Operations Officer, Capt. McClellan and crew. Cause unknown. 

(29)   Rouen    28 March 1943   


487  Capt. Gaitley None    None       None         Huge explosion at target

970  Lt. Verinis   None    None       Minor        Hit engine shops.

515  Lt. Anderson  None    None       None         Smoke up to 20,000 ft

480  Lt. Cliburn   0-1-0   None       None         Many guns out.

485  Capt. Morgan  1-0-0   0-1-0      Slight     All 3 groups hit 91st aiming point

537  Lt. Coen      None   10 missing  Missing A/C 5 chutes seen.

Target:   Locomotive repair shops, Rouen

Sq. Losses:   - 1 A/C ( 10 missing, 1 wounded)

Gp. Losses:   - 1 A/C (10 missing, 3 wounded)

Remarks: - Good hits on target and in target area.  Engine repair shops hit.  Several large explosions observed by our crews. Marshaling yards and gasoline tank hit.  Yards appeared to be jammed with freight.  Tried a diversion feint by maneuvering in channel and were attacked by E/A on first leg of diversion. Our A/C 537 seen to hit water and explode about one mile north of Fecamp 5 parachutes seen to open over land.  Destroyed by fighters.

(30)   Rotterdam   31 March 1943


970  Lt. Verinis    None   None       None          10/10 No attack

527  Major Alford  

     Lt. Campbell   None   None       None          “      ”      “

515  Lt. Anderson   None   None       None          “      ”      “

485  Major Aycock   None   None       None          Lead ship.

480  Lt. Cliburn    None   None       None          None

487  Capt. Gaitley  None   None       Slight        None

Target:   Port area of Rotterdam .

Sq. Losses:  - None

Gp. Losses:  - None

Remarks: No attack made, 10/10 clouds. Diversionary maneuver tried again but it prevented attack on target.  Target was clear on feint, but on attack thrust.     

(31)   Paris   4 April 1943  


480  Lt. Cliburn    0-1-0  None       None          None

527  Major Alford

     Lt. Currey     None   None       None          None

069  Lt. Anderson   1-0-0  None       None          None

053  Lt. Smith                        Abortive-#1 engine failure

970  Lt. Verinis                      Abortive-#4 engine vibrating

485  Capt. Morgan                     Abortive - engine trouble

Target:   Motor works.

Sq. Losses: None

Gp. Losses: None

Remarks: Bombing results excellent. Many large fires around.  Direct hit on fuel tank Ford and GM plants demolished.

(35)   St. Nazaire  1 May 1943


485 Capt. Morgan  None  None       None         German beam pointed us toward Brest

053 Lt. Smith     None  None       None         Saw strange B17 (enemy A/C ?).

487 Lt. Freschauf None  None       Slight       None

069 Capt. Gaitley None  None       None         Saw 306 Group get about 6 E/A.

480 Lt. Jackson   None  None       None         Strange B17 without markings.

970 Lt. Cox       None  None       Slight       None

515 Lt. Anderson                                Did not take off.

Target: - Shipbuilding and repair shops.

Squadron Losses: - None

Group Losses: - One (10 missing, 4 wounded).

Remarks: - Abortive sortie.  Collision of course on bomb run forced our Group away from target.  Our load of 2000 pound bombs  was jettisoned in the Bay of Biscay

(36)   Antwerp   4 May 1943 


487 Lt. Freschauf                                 Abortive #4 supercharger out

857 Lt. Cox       None   None       None          Direct hits on target

970 Lt. Verinis   None   None       None          Fighter support excellent

515 Lt. Anderson  None   None       None          Large oil fires at target

527 Capt. Morgan  None   None       None          All but one bldg. Demolished

480 Capt. Cliburn None   None       None          Some shooting at P47's

069 Capt. Gaitley None   None       None          Air to air bombing

053 Lt. Smith     None   None       None          None 

031 Lt. Jackson   None   None       None          Target completely demolished

Target: - Ford Motor Co.

Squadron Losses: - None

Group Losses: - None

Remarks: - One of most successful missions to date.  Target well hit. 

Excellent fighter cover.  Air to air bombing attempted by FW190's. 

Close but no hits.

(37)   Meaulte  13 May 1943


069 Capt. Gaitley None    None      None          Doubt success of bombing.

480 Capt. Cliburn None    None      None          Target covered with smoke.

487 Lt. Freschauf None    None      None          Yellow nosed FW190's were eager

970 Lt. Verinis   None    None      None          Fighters attacking low squadron of low Group.

053 Lt. Smith     None    None      None          T/G saw 7 E/A shot down.

527 Lt. Jackson   1-0-0   None      None          Spit. Knocked down E/A at target

485 Lt. Anderson  None    None      None          Many bombs in target area.

857 Lt. Cox       None    None      None          Smoke obscured results but some bombs went in 

Target: - Airframe factory

Squadron Losses: - None

Group Losses: - 2 (21 missing)

Remarks: - Results difficult to judge because of smoke, however it is believed many bombs were on target.  E/A concentrating on low squadron thereby avoiding fire from 2 higher squadrons.  We lost Lt. Stark, A/C 642, 323rd and Lt. Biggs, A/C 406, 323rd Sq..

(38)   Keil    14 May 1943


970 Capt. Gaitley None   None       None          Very good bombing.

487 Lt. Freschauf None   None       None          Bombing perfect.

527 Lt. Jackson   None   None       None          Flames and smoke at target visible 50 miles away.

053 Lt. Smith    0-0-1   None       None          Target saturated.                  

480 Lt. DeBaun   None    None       None          Heavy smoke - good pattern.

485 Lt. Miller   None    None       None          Group ahead - beautiful bombing

857 Lt. Cox      None    None       None          Target area covered, no wild bombs

031 Lt. Anderson None            Abortive - #3 engine feathered due to oil temperature

Target: - Electrical testing shop in dock area.

Squadron Losses: - None

Group Losses: - One ( 10 missing, 1 wounded)

Remarks: Primary reports indicate that this was probably the most spectacular and successful mission flown by 91st Group to date.  The whole target seems to have been covered by our bombs.  We lost Lt. Broley, A/C 481, 322nd Sq.

(39)   Wilhelmshaven (Heligoland) 15 May 1943


970 Lt. Cox        None   None       None          None

485 Capt. Morgan   0-0-1  None       None          None

480 Lt. DeBaun     None   None       None          None 

527 Capt. Gaitley  None   None       None          Both islands plastered.

857 Lt. Miller     1-0-0  None       None          Lot of bombs on airfield.

487 Lt. Freschauf  1-0-0  None       None          None

515 Lt. Anderson   None                            Abortive - #1 engine out

053 Lt. Smith      None   None       None          None

Target: - Not attacked 10/10 - Heligoland - target of opportunity

Squadron Losses: - None

Group Losses: - None

Remarks: - 10/10 weather covered N. Germany .  Capt. Busman directed formation to Heligoland where both islands were well hit as photos show.  Airdromes severely damaged and many direct hits on buildings.  Considerable fighter competition was encountered.  Over 100 E/A of all types were reported.

(40)   Keroman    17 May 1943  


485 Capt. Morgan 1-0-0   None      None          Bombs on target.

480 Lt. DeBaum   None    None      None          Mostly in target area.

053 Lt. Smith    None    None      None          Hits on aiming point.

515 Capt Gaitley 1-0-0   None      None          Perfect weather.

031 Lt. Jackson  1-0-1   None      Minor         Explosions in target area

857 Lt Freschauf None    None      None          Hits on sub. Pens.

970 Lt. Cox      None    None      None          Bombed with 306th Group.

Target: - Platform for pulling U-Boats out of water.

Squadron Losses: - None

Group Losses: - None

Remarks: - Practically all bombs of this Group fell in target area, beginning short of target and stringing through M.P.I.  Smoke and large fires visible long after leaving French coast.

(41)   Kiel   19 May 1943   


480 Lt. DeBaum               Abortive- #3 engine fuel pump out.

857 Lt. Miller     1-0-0   None      None          None

970 Capt. Gaitley  None    None      None          Smoke screen at target.  

487 Lt. Freschauf  None    None      Slight        JU 88 out of range firing cannon  

031 Lt. Jackson    None    None      None          Air to air bombing.

053 Lt. Smith      None    None      Slight        Bombs on target.    

485 Lt. Anderson   None    None      None          None    

Target: - Turban engine workshop and engineering workshop.  

Squadron Losses: - None  

Group Losses: - One (10 missing)  

Remarks: Results questionable, Much smoke in target area. Lt. Baxley, 32 2nd, lost. 

(42)   Wilhelmshaven  21 May 1943    


399 Lt. Smith                      Abortive-3 electric suites out

857 Lt. Miller                                   Missing

053 Lt. Koll                                     Missing

515 Lt. Fischer                                  Missing

480 Lt. DeBaun   None    None      Minor         Vicious E/A attacks

487 Lt.Jackson   0-1-0   2 wounded Moderate      Pilot & Co-Pilot Budhart wounded

527 Lt. Cox      1-0-2   None      Minor         None

Target: - 9 Sub slips

Squadron Losses: - 3 A/C (30 missing, 2 wounded)

Group Losses:  - 4 A/C (40 missing, 9 wounded)

Remarks: - Especially vicious E/A attacks accounted for 4 of our A/C. 

We lost Lt. Retchin, A/C 657, 323rd in addition to above. 

Weather not too good.  Bombing results unobserved - probably poor.

(43)   St. Nazaire  29 May 1943 


069 Lt. Smith   None   None       Slight        Fairly good bombing.

487 Lt Anderson None   None       Slight        Reported 50 trucks in 2 convoys headed S.E. in France

921 Lt. Cox     None  None        None          3 groups ahead hit aiming point

970 Lt. Jackson None  None        Slight        One big oil fire.

Target: - West entrance to St. Nazaire basin.

Squadron Losses: - None

Group Losses: - None ( 2 wounded)

Remarks: - Results of bombing were good and our A/C reported a heavy pattern of explosions right on aiming point.  Several large fires reported in target area.

(44)   Bremen     11 June 1943 


069 Lt. Smith    None    None      None          Dropped bombs on city of Hague

970 Lt. Jackson  1-0-0   None      Minor         Dropped bombs on village of Kittmund

921 Lt. Cox      None    None      None          Dropped bombs on village of Waterloog

487 Lt. Anderson None    None      Minor         Dropped bombs on city of Hague

895 Lt. DeBaun   None    None      None          Brought bombs back.

Target: - Submarine slips.

Squadron Losses: - None

Group Losses: - None ( 1 wounded)

Remarks: - The primary target was not bombed because of cloud cover and the secondary was abandoned because of a very effective smoke screen. Results of bombing are questionable and reports on targets bombed varied including such targets as Wilhelshaven, Aurich, Waterloog, Troorf and Hague. Some reports state that bombs were dropped at a small airport N. of Norden. One crew reports of bombs dropped along a highway, making several direct hits thereon.    

(45)   Bremen   13 June 1943  


895 Lt. DeBaun                      Abortive- #4 prop runaway

527 Lt. Jackson                     Abortive - #4 prop runaway       

379 Lt. Smith

   Major Alford  None   None        None         Group Ldr. Maj.Alford recommended for Silver Star.         

921 Lt. Cox      None   None        None         Heavy bomb pattern in target area going to center of smoke screen.

487 Lt. Anderson None   None        Slight       FW’s firing cannon from under wing

763 Capt. Weitzenfeld   None        Slight       Quite a smoke screen at target

Target: - Engineering tube works ( 1000 ton subs turned out here.)

Squadron Losses: - None

Group Losses: - None ( 1 wounded)

Remarks: - Results of bombing uncertain as to aiming point but heavy damage to city itself is assured.  One B17 seen to hit water and ditch at 54 degrees 25 min. north by 05 degrees 45 Min. E, with no parachutes out, but two dinghies in water.                      

(46)   Le Mans 15 June 1943  


069 Lt. Smith                  Abortive - #2 & #4 superchargers failed

487 Lt. Anderson  None   None       None          None

920 Lt. Cox       None   None       None          None

527 Lt. Jackson   None   None       None          None

895 Lt. DeBaun           Abortive - #1 & #4 superchargers out

Target: - Aero engine factory

Squadron Losses:- None

Group Losses: - None

Remarks: - Abortive sortie, 10/10, cancelled by twx.  Bombs jettisoned in channel or brought back.  

(47)   Huls 22 June 1943 


069  Lt. Smith                               (Records incomplete)   

998  Lt. Slattery                            Missing in action

527  Lt. Jackson                             (Records incomplete)

921  Lt. DeBaun                  Abortive - malfunction of ball turret

Target: - Synthetic rubber factory

Squadron Losses: - one (10 missing)

Group Losses: - 5 ( 1 killed, 6 wounded, 50 missing)

Remarks: - One of the most accurate attacks of the war. Target completely washed out.  Photographs of bombs bursting on target and billowing smoke one of the pictures of the war.  Weather 5/10 to 8/10.  Enemy air opposition was by far the worst yet experienced by this group, between  150 and 175 E/A attacked.  Nearly all were FW 190 with a few ME  109's and two JU 88's reported. Encounters lasted one hour fifteen minutes and some crews reported as many as fifty attacks. Attacks from all sides. Flak at target was intense, accurate and a barrage type.  Claims were 4-1-0.  

(48)   Hamburg 25 June 1943     


970 Lt. Smith    None   None       Minor         None

527 Lt. Jackson  None   None       None          None

921 Lt. Cox      None   None       None          None

487 Lt. Anderson None   None       None          None

111 Lt. DeBaun   None         Abortive - #1 engine out

Target: - Hamburg was target of opportunity.

Squadron Losses: - None

Group Losses: - None (1 wounded).

Remarks: - This mission was all FU; 10/10 cloud - solid.  Crews claimed a variety of targets bombed, including Orchana, Frieurichskoog, Papenburg and an enemy convoy. Most crews admitted they didn’t know where the hell they dropped them. Two A/C bombed a convoy of 20 to 30 ships making a direct hit on a cruiser and near misses on two E/V.  Bomb load was 10 x 500 lbs.

(49)   Villacoublay  26 June 1943    


813 Lt. Parker   Abortive - Vibration #1 & #3 engines - oil pressure low.

487 Lt. Anderson None   None       Slight        None

527 Lt. Jackson  None   None       None          None

970 Lt. Smith    None   None       None          None

Target: - Aircraft Works

Squadron Losses: - None

Group Losses: - None

Remarks: - Abortive sortie.  9/10 to 10/10 overcast made it impossible to see I.P. or target.  Bombs brought back.  10 miles East of Dieppe, pilot baled out of E/A.

(51)   Tricqueville  29 June 1943


970 Lt. Smith         0-0-0  None       None          None

111 Lt. Anderson      None   None       None          None

031 Capt. Weitzenfeld None   None       None          None

837 Lt. Peterman      None   None       None          None

527 Lt. Munger        None   None       None          None

504 Lt. Parker        None   None       None          None

Target: - Tricqueville Landing Ground (France).

Squadron Losses: - None

Group Losses: - None

Remarks: - All bombs were brought back.  10/10ths overcast (Abortive sortie).  Friendly fighter support was excellent.   

(52)   Le Mans 4 July 1943  


970 Lt. Smith         0-0-0  None       None          Target hit.

921 Capt. Weitzenfeld None   None   Considerable flak First bomb bursts were slightly S.E. of road, just 20 mm holes. Short of buildings.

527 Lt. Munger        None   None       Minor     Much smoke observed in target area

487 Lt. Anderson      None   None       None      Some bomb hits seen on buildings

837 Lt. Peterman      None   None       None      Bombs of this group to right Target hit by group behind us

Target: - Le Mans , France (Aero engine works).

Squadron Losses: - Two wounded.

Group Losses: - Two wounded.

Remarks: - Bombing results were reported good, with several direct hits in immediate vicinity of target.  Met Spitfire escort as briefed, but no P-47's were seen.  Enemy fighter opposition was very aggressive by experienced men.

(53)   Villacoublay  10 July 1943   


970 Lt. Smith     1-0-0  None        None          None

031 Lt. Randall   None   None       None          None

527 Lt. Munger    1-0-0  None       None          None

111 Lt. Anderson  None   None       None          None

504 Lt. Parker    1-0-0  None       None          None

837 Lt. Peterman  None   None       None           None

Target: - Aircraft Works

Squadron Losses: - None

Group Losses: - None

Remarks: - Abortive sortie because of weather.  Fifty to seventy five enemy aircraft attacked near Rouen and continued for about 35 minutes concentrating on low flight. Bombs brought back.

(54) Amiens/Glisy, France  14 July 1943  


970 Lt. Smith     0-0-0  None       None           None

527 Lt. Munger    None   None       None          None

497 Lt. Peterman  None   None       Minor         (322nd A/C)

837 Lt. Anderson  None   None       None          None  

079 Lt. Berg      None   None       None      (323rd A/C) A/C 079 returned early about five miles Off the Le report French coast due to two Superchargers  power to stay in formation. Brought bombs back (Abortive Sortie)

504 Lt. Parker    None   None       None          None

031 Lt. Randall   None   None       None          None

Target: - Amiens/Glisy Airfield

Squadron Losses: - None

Group Losses: - None

Remarks: - Bombing results looked good, all hits being in the aiming point or the immediate target area.  One very large explosion with column of black smoke 10,000 ft. high was reported believed from fuel or ammunition dump. Hits from other formations reported on runways and other aiming points.

(55)   Hanover Germany17 July 1943  


487 Lt. Anderson   0-0-0  None       None          Turned back early due to oxygen malfunction.

527 Lt. Munger     None   None       None          None  

837 Lt. Peterman   None   None       None          Turned back because of oxygen malfunction and #3 engine running rough 

504 Lt. Parker     None   None       None          Turned back because #2 and #3 superchargers failed and directional compass went out

921 Lt. Berg       None   None       None           None

031 Lt. Randall   Abortive Aircraft returned early because of #1 supercharger failure.

Target: - Hannover , Germany (Synthetic rubber processing works).

Squadron Losses: - None

Group Losses: - None  

Remarks: Formation was recalled before they reached target. All aircraft brought bombs back.  10/10ths cloud.  This mission was an abortive sortie, all aircraft received sorties except A/C 031.

(56)   Heroya  24 July 1943


895 Lt. Parker   None   None       Slight        Reported hits on buildings S.E. of target area.

487 Lt. Berg     None   None       None          Crew felt very fatigued.

490 Lt. Nichols  None   None       None           None

837 Lt. Peterman None   None       None          Excellent bombing.  

527 Lt. Dibble   None   None       None          Dropped leaflets. Many bomb hits in target area. Much smoke observed in target area

Target: Kiel, Germany. (Construction of naval craft, merchant ships, tankers and subs)

Squadron Losses: - None

Group Losses: - (1 wounded in A/c landing away).  

Remarks: - Target was well covered with bombs. Direct hits observed at base of large slip.  Building S.E. of target hit and also buildings West of dock. Billows of grayish-black smoke observed over target after hits, which could still be seen after formation left enemy coast.  Leaflets were carried on this mission.

(57)   Hamburg, Germany   25 July 1943


069 Capt. Weitzenfeld  None  None       Minor  

813 Lt. Pilert         Missing– An observer reports A/C 813 at 22000 ft. over target with #3 engine smoking and on fire going down. E/A were going after him.  Six chutes seen.

921 Lt. Berg           1-0-0  None      Minor

837 Lt. Peterman       None   None      Slight

895 Lt. Nichols        None   None      None

111 Lt. Randall        None   None      Slight

Target: - Hamburg , Germany (Aero engine works).

Squadron Losses: - One A/C (10 missing)

Group Losses: - One A/C (10 missing) 

Remarks: Bombing results good.     

(58)   Hamburg , Germany   26 July 1943   


921 Lt. Anderson  None   None       Minor         Bombing results unobserved because fire & flak.  

031 Lt. Randall                  — Missing —      Was seen over target area apparently  by flak at 27000 ft. started to go into unable to due to haze.  

487 Lt. Berg      None   None       None         Returned early due to technical failures

111 Lt. Nichols   None   None       None         Brought bombs back.

527 Lt. Peterman  None   None       None         Jettisoned bombs in Sea near Heligoland

Target: Construction shop

Squadron Losses: One A/C missing (10 crew members missing).

Group Losses: Two A/C (20 missing, 1 wounded).  

Remarks: Lt. Nichols flying in A/C 111 originally took off in A/C 490 but due to technical failures shortly after take off returned & took off again in A/C 111 but was unable to catch up with formation.  Bombing was said to be good.  Dark brown     smoke seen from target area. Good bombing observed in and around pens made by group ahead.  Lt. Anderson, pilot of A/C 921 and Lt. Peterman, pilot of A/C 527 were the only ones to receive a sortie.  One crew reported a FW 190 2000 ft. above our formation dropped three aerial bombs on us.  These left big white rings above and dead astern.

(59)   Kassel , Germany   28 July 1943


527 Lt. Munger    None   None       None          Jettisoned bombs in North Sea .

490 Lt. Nichols   None   None       None          Jettisoned bombs in North Sea .

Target: Kassel , Germany ( Aero engine works).

Squadron Losses: None

Group Losses: None

Remarks: Both of our A/C were spares.  This was an abortive sortie. No recall was received by any member of this group; turned back on Wing leader.  

(61)  Kassel, Germany   30 July 1943


487 Lt. Berg       None   None       Considerable (20mm and flak holes).  

639 Lt. Parker     None   None       Slight        Bombed 5 miles N.E. of target.

895 Lt. Nichols    None   None       Considerable (flak) Reported excellent bombing

837 Lt. Peterman   None   None       Minor         Over shot target.

Target: Kassel ( Aircraft component works)

Squadron Losses: None

Group Losses: Two Aircraft ( 3 wounded - 20 missing).

Remarks: Bombing results good.  Fighter opposition was strong.

(62)  Gelsenkirchen 12 August 1943   


069 Lt. Parker   None   None       None          Frost on windows obscured visibility

504 Lt. Dibble   None   None       None          One passed out (Oxygen)

837 Lt. Peterman None   None       None          None                             

921 Lt. Berg          — Abortive—Manifold pressure dropped on #2 and #3 engines

527 Lt. Munger        — Abortive—Two superchargers malfunctioned.

Target: Synthetic oil plant

Squadron Losses: None

Group Losses: Four (2 dead, 1 wounded, 40 missing).

Remarks: All four aircraft lost, last seen near target. No parachutes seen. 32000 ft. seemed too high.  Frosted windows made visibility a problem. Thirty to forty enemy aircraft pressed persistent attacks. Bombing results generally unobserved., but reported very poor to good.  (Transcriber’s note: Most of remarks impossible to decipher.)

(63)  Vlissingen 15 August 1943


921 Lt. Parker   None   None       None          Could not see bombing results due to haze and Smoke from fires set by preceding groups.

895 Lt. Berg    None    None       Minor         Bombs landed in target area.

490 Lt. Nichols None    None       Slight        Bombs dropped in general area, West side of Airdrome.

837 Lt Peterman None    None       None          Very scattered bombing, some bombs hit on docks, Water, farmland

Target: Primary Flushing, secondary Vlissingen airfield in Holland

Squadron Losses: None

Group Losses: Three wounded.

Remarks: Bombed secondary target, Vlissingen - generally scattered hits on airdrome, fields and a few in the city.  Bombs from this group thought to have centered in target   area and walking from there across airdrome.  91st Gp. Lead, 101st Combat Wing. No fighter opposition was met.