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 President's Corner

Published in the October 2007 Ragged Irregular

The passing of the president’s job from Ed Gates to me is exciting to say the least. Ed has done more then his share of work for the 91st BGMA. The well planned reunions in Tacoma and Colorado Springs are two examples of his accomplishments.For those that don’t know me, my name is Jim Shepherd and my wife is Suzi Shepherd, daughter of Wayne “Tex” Frye, 323rd. We have been associate members from 1992 and last year, we became Full Life Members.We maintain the web page for the 91st, www.91stbombgroup.com and have attended all the reunions since 1992. In addition, we have established a memorial at the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino California and held several Rally Rounds there.

In the next two years, I intend to:

Have some historic items of the 91st transferred to the Air Force Museum Dayton, and have them placed in such a way that future research can be conducted there.

Have each officer of the group supplied with a backup person to assist them.

Steve Perri will receive assistance from Gary Hall in mailing the R.I. each quarter.      

Jake Howland, Historian will receive assistance from Ray McIlwain, son of James McIlwain 401st, in reviewing and scanning the old boxes of records of the 91st. If anyone else is interested in helping, please contact Jake.

Asay Johnson will have backup help from Jody Kelly, daughter of Bob Dickson, 322nd.

Request that Ed Gates and 1st VP Mick Hanou, Full Life Member, be our Liaison to the Tower Museum and other interested parties in England and Europe. Ed has been very involved the past 4 years with this group and Mick has many contacts over there.

We will be looking for someone to assume the responsibilities of the PX. I will write an outline of the duties of the PX manager and send it to those interested in taking on this task. This job is open to Full and Associate members.

We had several suggestions on where to hold the next reunion, but the bi-laws state that it must be held in the west. We are currently looking at southern or central California. We have been invited to have a Rally Round at Minot AFB in North Dakota next July and/or a Rally Round at the planes of Fame Museum in Chino California in May. The 91st Space Wing based at Minot, is the existing extension of the 91st Bomb Group. They are interested in being more connected and carrying on the tradition of the 91st BG. Those interested in either of the 2 above activities, please let me know.

Need someone to type stories from the veteran members so they can be placed on the web page.

Last but not least, we are amazed at the number of small separate memorials in England and Europe. A visitor to the reunion was Tony Goddard from Wincanton Town England. There is a memorial there for “Old Faithful” and I believe we should recognize their support by listing them under memorial on the web page. I am requesting that Bob Friedman collect photos and information on each one.

Your new President, Jim Shepherd

Ps. the web page is under “Reconstruction” and should be back up to speed by October 15th.