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 President's Corner

Published in the July 2008 Ragged Irregular

We are moving forward with the planning for the 2008 Reunion for the 91st BGMA. The location will be in Southern California and very likely, around Disneyland. This could be the perfect time to bring your kids or grandkids to the reunion because our schedule is for the end of June 2007.

As the planning progresses, we have many options for interesting, fun events; The Nixon Library, The Huntington library, a major league baseball game with the California Angeles, lunch at the Plane of Fame Air Museum (where the 91st has a display), of course Disneyland and a trip along the California Coast.
John “Jake” Howland has been working diligently on the old boxes of 91st Historic items and has developed CD’s with information about the 91st Bomb Group. The following is a list of the items covered:
CD of Squadron Daily reports of the 322nd, 323rd, 324th and 401st Squadrons of the 91st.
CD of Eighty five stories written by the veterans, relating to the 91st Bomb Group.
CD Listing Casualties of the 91st Bomb Group.
CD Memoirs of a Pathfinder Navigator.
CD 114 pictures honoring fallen fliers, Opijnen, The Netherlands.
DVD Flying the Atlantic 1943 and D-Day Attack by the 8th Air Force.
DVD OBOE Describes World War II Blind Bombing Technique.
DVD Omaha Beach in Retrospect.
DVD Memorial Day Opijnen Holland dedicating unique monument to fallen fliers (in Dutch).

The following is a list of some of the museums receiving the above items:
Mighty 8th Museum
Wright Patterson Museum
Air Force Academy, Librarian
Museum of Flight, Seattle
Loan Star Flight Museum
Planes of Fame Air Museum
Tower Museum (being delivered by Mick Hanou)
Base Library, McChord AFB

If you would like to contact Jake, his e-mail address is 191 Parker St, Carthage, TX 75633 or his e-mail address, John Howland, howland5@sbcglobal.net

THE BIG EVENT THIS YEAR is at Minot Air Force Base in Minot North Dakota. From 5 - 10 September 2007, The 91st SRWA is having their reunion and includes the 91st Space Wing and the 91st Bomb Group Memorial Association. The Air Force “THUNDERBIRDS” and a host of other shows and demonstrations will be there for us to enjoy. There will be a display for the 91st BGMA. For an application or other information, please contact me or call me at 714-970-5540

Regards, Jim Shepherd