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 President's Corner

Published in the January 2008 Ragged Irregular

The start of another New Year and 2008 is here and it is time for another Reunion for the 91st Bomb Group Memorial Association. The Wyndham hotel in Fullerton California has been reserved and it is near Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm. The dates are June 24 to June 29, 2008, We have trips planned for Catalina Island, a winery, March Air Force Base and Planes of Fame Museum. There will be other small local places to visit, including the World Famous “Crystal Cathedral Church”.  A special person has been ordered to attend the reunion; Mike Banta (and his wife Yvonne). Mike has operated his 91st Ring of Veterans since January 19, 1999. For those that are not aware, Mike was a pilot in the 324th and completed 35 missions over Europe. His Ring if made up of veterans of the 91st, Historians and associate members which do research for family members and persons from all over the world that are interested in WWII history. Many veterans never talked about their experiences and their kids and grandkids want to know everything they can about their family member.There have been many cases where family members know nothing of what their Fathers experienced and write to the Ring. In many cases, one of the Ring members remembers the person and relates the story to the requester. Frank Farr answered a recent email request to the Ring. Frank remembers the daughters Father as a nice looking kid (he added that they were all kids) and was into bodybuilding, a little. The daughter wrote back and told of how her Father was Mr. Maryland in body building in 1947. She was extremely please to learn a little more about her him.There will be free transportation to Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm every day, so we expect everyone to bring their kids, grandkids and great grand kids. This will be one of the best chances for the younger generation to talk to men who I refer to as,  “LIVING HISTORY”. This year’s reunion will have 9 scheduled events. We asking for 18 volunteers to be the “GROUND CREW” for these events, so we can keep everything organized. Each event will have a “CREW CHIEF”, with one assistant. Also, we will need help with the registration and the PX sales.

Anyone interested in volunteering, please contact me at 714-970-5540.

Jim Shepherd, President- 91st BGMA