"Mary Ruth" Memories of Mobile...We Still Remember

Stories From the 91st Bomb Group

Table Contents

Chapter 1. Another Time, Another Place - Lady Lois, Little Jean 1
Chapter 2. Good Luck Talisman or Tragic Jinx? Saga of the Short Snorters 29
Chapter 3. Return From Bremen. The Low Squadron is Gone 41
Chapter 4. One Came Home. The Stories of Those Left Behind 49
Chapter 5. Don Judy - His Flight From Mercer Island to Long Island 81
Chapter 6. A Pilot's Diary. William H. Arthur 89
Chapter 7. Forty Seconds Over Eisenach 105
Chapter 8. Pandemonium Over Pilsen - The Forgotten Final Mission 123
Chapter 9. Mary Ruth Memories of Mobile ... We Still Remember 133
Chapter 10. The Coen Crew. A Dedication...... 139

Copyright © 2001 - Lowell L. Getz

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