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Vicki Hibbert (
Thursday, 21 October `99 at 8:11am

I am a 24 year old girl from Hertfordshire and live about 20 miles from Bassingbourn. I have been extremely interested in the second world war all of my life and have a particular interest in the air war; with a real affection for the 91st bomb group. This website is fantastic as the human interest side of things completely fascinates me. I could listen to your stories all day!
I have met several veterans, including Robert Morgan (Memphis Belle) and read many books and diaries, but I can't get enough. If anyone would like to share any stories with me please contact me as I would really appreciate it.
Thanks Vicki.

Paul D. Merryman (
Wednesday, 20 October `99 at 11:46am

The "Triangle A", known from the movies (Twelve O'Clock High) to the comic strips (the classic in "Shoe"). Such fame is due the most "Hollywood" of the "Hollywood Eighth". It was the history of the 91st and the rest of the Mighty 8th" that, at a very early age motivated me to join the Air Force; just to be like the men who were there and did it. In fact my first aircraft commander (in 1954) had been in B-17s, so the string of history was very strong and binding only 9 years after the event of the millenium. To see the 91st and other groups memorialized is heart-warming and worthy of the effort - and results - which we can see. From one who was in a later airwar, to those who were in THE AIRWAR that made it all possible, my respect, affection and gratitude.

John Cornell (
Tuesday, 19 October `99 at 1:13pm

My (late) father Donald Cornell was ball turret gunner on Ack-Ack Annie, stationed at Bassingbourn in the latter part of the war. Here's an unusual request--but: is there anyone out there who was there--who remembers what color "Annie's" dress was on the nose art? I found a local artist who will custom-paint a B-17G print that he makes with nose art, ID markings, etc., but there are no existing color pictures of Ack-Ack Annie!!

Randa davis (
Sunday, 17 October `99 at 3:41pm

Looking to correspond with anyone having knowledge of the crew of SAD SACK, 91st Bomb Group, 323rd squadron, especially Frederick Howard Hitchins, my father. The crew was shot down on
OCTOBER 8, 1943, and at least 2 of the crew members were interned with my father at STALAG XVIIB. I have the last name of one-MCLAUGHLIN.
What a terrific site!! Came across it while doing research on my father. Unfortunately he passed away in 1995. Recently his mother (age 100) passed away and left many letters and telegrams, and a partial journal my father wrote while a POW.
Would love to hear from anyone! It's important that my son and nieces and nephews understand what sacrifices were made by my father and all the others in the 91st. Thank you for the site!

Richard Brown (
Sunday, 17 October `99 at 3:22pm

Great web page! My grandfather, Kenneth McFarland was in the 91st Bomb Group, 323rd Squadron as the pilot of "Blue Dreams". Like alot of vets, my grandfather was not very open with his war experiences, preferring to put it behind him, so I am interested in corresponding with anyone who might have info on "Blue Dreams".

Leonard Contreras (
Saturday, 16 October `99 at 11:10pm

First off, I like to thank you for this web-site, for without it my search for information on my uncle, Manuel P. Nunez, would be at a stand still. I would also like to thank Lt. Armando J. Sinibaldo, (A.J.) for being so helpful with so much infomation, pictutes of my uncle, and letting me bend his ear on the phone for hours. My Uncle Manuel belonged to the 91st bomb group, 323rd squadron, June 1944. "Rambling Rebel", "Shirley Jean", "Strictly G. I.", "Mary Lou", "Nine O Nine", "General IKE", "Winged Victory", "Seattle Sleeper", "Pard", "Geraldine" are some of the B17's that I know my Uncle flew on. I'm still gathering information on him. Sixteen of his missions were on planes piloted by Lt. John C. Pullen, a name that had become very familiar to me while looking through military files. I received a e-mail on Oct. 15, from A.J., and was saddened to learn that he had past away the day before. Although I never spoke to or met the man, I felt I had lost a long time friend. My condolences to the Pullen Family. America has lost another true veteran. My Uncle does not like to talk much about the past, chosing instead to look to the future. He is doing well, living in California. I think I can understand why he would like to forget the past, knowing now just a little bit of what he went through. But those of us who are of the next generations must never forget the high price that these great veterans gave and, in some cases, are still giving so that we may enjoy the freedoms that we know today.

Leonard Contreras
Fresno, California

Jack Adams (
Friday, 15 October `99 at 12:46pm

My uncle, Monte Bryce Adams, was a pilot with the 91BG. I was
recently contacted by Cliff Schultz who flew with my uncle.
It would be a very special if there are others who know him
and would contact me. Thank you.

Bob Striegel (
Thursday, 14 October `99 at 10:03am

Great web site!! I'm looking for anyone who might have known my father-in-law Vernon Baird. Vernon flew as a top turret gunner on a B-17 out of Bassingbourn. Vernon is retired and doing well. He and his family are living in the Oklahoma City area.

Steve Pena. Curator 91st BG Tower Museum, Bassingbourn, UK (
Wednesday, 13 October `99 at 10:06am

I would like to endorse Gordy & Clay's comments about this website - it just keeps getting better and better (well done Jim & Suzi).

I'm proud to be an Associate Life member of the 91st Bomb Group Memorial Association and able in my own small way to help in 'keeping the memory alive for those that come after' at the very place where the the 91st Bomb Group were stationed. We that were born after WWII will be forever indebted for what you did to help ensure the freedom we enjoy today.

Great to have the 91st Tour back at Bassingbourn last weekend - come back soon!

Thank you.

Gordy Alton (
Wednesday, 13 October `99 at 12:33am

I really like the work you folks have been doing on the 91st web page. It looks great and is getting more features all the time. It is nice to see the veterans of this fine group getting the recognition they are due. Thanks to all of you, and greetings from my Dad, Donald Alton, who flew with the 323rd BS, July-Oct. '43, before being shot down and interned in Stalag XVIIB.
Gordy Alton, BC, Can.