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Clay Thoreson (
Tuesday, 12 October `99 at 12:29pm

We are extremely proud of all of the personnel of the 91st Bombardment Group. We truly are indebted to you. Bless you all.

I also wish to thank the hosts of this site for making it available to us. It is a wonderful journey.

Mary Biggs Turner (
Sunday, 10 October `99 at 2:36pm

My father was Chaplain W.H. Biggs, stationed at Bassingbourn during the war. He had the unique pleasure of becoming a father by adoption(me) though he had been over there for awhile. I have been told he took quite a ribbing when he passed out the cigars. He was career AF and was always known by the nickname "Chappy." He told me before he died that he went on one bombing raid with "his men." Don't know with whom or when and maybe he just wanted to have gone. Would be interested to hear from anyone who might remember him.

Michael Mohr (
Friday, 8 October `99 at 9:53pm

I am looking for information on my deceased father (Donald R. Mohr from Jackson Mi.)who was a waist gunner on a B-17. He was on a plane named Blond Bomber 2. I believe he was in England in 1944 or 1945. I was told he was not with the 381st. Any assistance would be appreciated.

frank panek jr.
Friday, 8 October `99 at 4:45pm

my father, Frank Panek was a top turret gunner on Margie. I am a high school history teacher and spend a least a week on the 91st bomb group. none of my classes leave withoout knowing what 91st did during the war. great web site.

W. Jack Doyle (
Thursday, 7 October `99 at 12:03am

Doing a little web surfing tonight (10/6/99) after entering "Flying Fortress." You people of the 91st BG, 8th Bomber Command have put together an excellent website and I appreciate the pleasure of visiting you.
Respectfully..."Jack" Doyle.
Navigator (B-26s) 391st BG, and 1st Pathfinder Squadron.. 9th Air Force.

robert (
Wednesday, 6 October `99 at 2:18pm

having read your page with great interest and admiration i wondered if anyone can help me trace a Tom or Thomas Mayfield. he was a navigator stationed in england and was at Rolleston Hall a convalescent/ rest home approximately march to may 1945. i do no know his squadron or base, can anyone help or at least advise me how to locate Thomas Mayfield ( Maesfield ) I am not sure of the spelling.By the way Rolleston Hall was in Leicester-shire .Any help will be gratefully received !

Ferd A.Koch 323rd BTG (
Wednesday, 6 October `99 at 12:21pm

Congratulation: JIM & Web Masters yu all have done great work on the site in the past six months keep up the great work.
Ferd A.Koch Ball Turret Gunner (BLB0'S) 323rd Sqd.
April 1944 to Sept. 1944

Clive D. Stevens (
Monday, 4 October `99 at 3:26pm

Dear 91ster's.

I am a 24 yr old guy from England who is very interested in the history of the 91st during there stay in the UK during WWII. I attended your Tucson reunion in 1996, and have joined in with many of your 'Royston Rally Rounds - Return to Bassingbourn' trips over the past 8 years. I would just like to say how much pleasure meeting all you guys has given me over the years, and how privilaged I have felt in your company. I have communicated with many men and wives of the 91st, and visited many in their homes in the USA, and have always been treated to superb hospitality.

If any veterans or relations of veterans need any assistance in returning to their old haunts of WWII in England, please let me know, and I will be only too happy to help in any way I can.

In addition, I have always had a great affection for the B-17 of the 91st/401st called 'Times A-Wastin,' which was lost to flak on April 8th 1945, just one month before V.E. Day. I have a reproduction painted A2 leather flying jacket that I wear everyday, with the art-work of this B-17 emblazoned on the back. Any crew members that flew on the 'Times A-Wastin' that would care to contact me would be welcomed with open arms!

In 1993 I met up with the original crew chief 'Roy Fratz' in Florida, who told me of his feelings when he walked out to an empty hard-standing, when the other 91st B-17's were home. Roy had successfully maintained his B-17 through over 100 missions, only to be lost with a composite crew, just needing a few more missions each to finish their tour.

Thankyou '91st Bomb Group' for your part in history, and a wonderful web site.

Clive Stevens, Marlborough, Wiltshire, England

Michael A. Mc Gaw (
Sunday, 3 October `99 at 9:33pm

I will be back often to do research. Thank you for your time and devotion to detail. And for keeping the these memories alive; it would do all of us good to remember those that gave so much for others.

Ellen Morrish Hogan (
Friday, 24 September `99 at 8:28pm

Looking for information on uncle. AAF201 Tony "Jack" Morrish 19165048, 15th Air Force stationed in Italy, 19th (don't know what that designation means). Waist gunner. KIA 3/30/44 in mid-air collision at Koshearevo, Bulgaria 27 mi west of Sophia. Buried in Bulgaria until 1946. Mass grave revealed 20 remains. He was only one identified at that time by his rags and firery-red hair. He was from Jennings, Louisiana. Would appreciate hearing from anyone with any information.