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Joseph V. Polinski (
Wednesday, 22 September `99 at 5:54am

I was Top Turret on madame shoo shoo in 322nd Squadron 1944 to 1945 S/sgt Joseph V. Polinski

Steve Bowen
Monday, 20 September `99 at 11:58am

My mother went out with a B17 flight enginnerer during WW2

Bill Kledas (
Wednesday, 15 September `99 at 9:03am

One of the 91st Group members from Bassingbourn, a family friend, is staying with us here in Colorado for a few days. Anyone remembering Charlie Hudson is encouraged to drop him a line at my address. I know he would love to hear from any of his old flying buddies and squadron mates.


Bill Kledas

Paul B. taliaferro (
Monday, 6 September `99 at 11:42am

Just found this site and wanted to drop a line right away. I am looking for anyone who may have been in the 91st 322 Sq. at Bassingborn and POSSIBLY known my father, Sgt. Paul B. Taliaferro, waist gunner.
The entire crew, except for the tail gunner, were killed over Chartes France on return from their second mission, August 2 1944. The crew was brand new from the states and this happened four months before I was born in Nov. 44.
Mother remembers the tail gunner visiting relatives of the crew, however I am not sure of the time frame, but fairly sure it was after the war.
I have visited the National Archives near Washington D.C. and found crew debriefing reports that gave me what little information I have. Found that they were in a 'borrowed' aircraft as their's was down for maintenance, also that there were conflicting reports on whether parachutes were seen or not.
On another note, just returned from a Florida trip and found an 8th Air Force Museum located just off I95 exit 18 at Savannah, Georgia that is relatively new, 3+/- years. They have a very nice display and an interesting B-17 bomb run simulation complete with flak.
Again, I am extremely interested in contacting by e-mail, etc. anyone who may have been at Bassingborn during that time period.

Thanks for the chance to leave a message,
Paul B. Taliaferro
618 National Ave.
Winchester, Va. 22601

Steve Pena. Curator Tower Museum, Bassingbourn, UK (
Sunday, 5 September `99 at 12:18pm

Dear Mr Silverstein,

I read with interest your comments concerning the 390th's excellent Museum at Framlingham, I know it well, likewise the 100th BG Museum at Thorpe Abbotts etc.

You may be interested to learn that the 91st have had a Museum dedicated to them on their original base at Bassingbourn. The Museum being contained within the original airfield control tower. Indeed the Bassingbourn Museum was the first of it's kind to be established in one of the original wartime control towers.

If you would like details of the Bassingbourn Tower Museum please do not hesitate to drop me a line. Alternatively you can drop by our website at

Best wishes,
Steve Pena.Curator Tower Museum, Bassingbourn, England

Michael H. Silverstein (
Saturday, 4 September `99 at 8:27am

I recently returned from a visit to the 390th museum in Parham, Suffolk, England. I am a Director for a company based in Ipswich, England and having USA headquarters in Jersey. The museum had great photos of the 91st and many, many parts from downed B-17's, 24's, P-51's etc...flight jackets, and both American and german outfits. My uncle was a bombadier with the 91st, 401sqdn. based at Bassignbourne. He flew over 30 missions and I believe the aircraft was called, "Jezebel". The pilot is alive and well and living in Florida...his name is Neil Grehart. My uncle was Lt. George Silverstein..he survived a crash in the english channel but passed on a few years ago. The english people treated me like gold...and to this day remain very thankful to the brave crews of the B-17. I have some great photos and can donate if you'd give me an address. I must thank the British for a great touch at the museum. The actual tower is intact and features a manaquin dressed in signal officers outfit in the tower. When you go in, a tape recoring of actual landings and take offs is gives you chills. The curator is a wonderful man named Mick Tipple. Anyone remember my uncle or the Jezebel? In conclusion I would just like to remind the veterans of the air war that their efforts were not in vain...and their legacy lives on. I thank them from the bottom of my heart......Mike Silverstein......Howell, New Jersey.

Charles E Walker
Wednesday, 1 September `99 at 10:26am

Former 401st Waist gunner flew Mostly on Sherries Cherries. Nice job on New Site!!!

Kevin M. Pearson (
Wednesday, 1 September `99 at 7:16am

Nice web site! I like the new and improved look!

I have been researching the 16.8.44 mission of the 91st BG(H) to the Seibel Aircraft Works at Halle, Germany. Six Fortresses from the 324th BS were shot down by IV.(Sturm)/JG 3 and 301/JG 3 between Witzenhausen and the I.P. I have been to Germany twice now to recover the remains of two of the Fortresses, 2Lt. Leonard F. Figie's Lassie Come Home, 42-31673, and 2Lt. John V. Dunlap's Boston Bombshell, 42-39996. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who was on that mission who has recollections of that day. I have all MACRs, Luftgaukommando reports, informations from the archives at Halle, and have interviewed a number of Germans who were kids during the war who witnessed this air action. Any help would be appreciated. I've also been to Bassingbourn three times now and have written several stories. If you would like to read them or post them on this site, please let me know. One is titled, "Return to Bassingbourn" and was published in 8th AF News a couple of years ago. I've even found one of the Luftwaffe pilots involved in this air action, Oscar Bosch - IV.(Sturm)/JG 3 - and had the opportunity to interview him in January. Oskar is credited with a B-17 victory at 1002, the exact same time Lassie was listed as having been shot down, but another Iv.(Sturm)/JG 3 pilot is also credited with a B-17 victory at 1002.
Kevin M. Pearson, Secretary
Missouri Chapter/St. Louis Wing
Eighth Air Force Historical Society
2514 W. Woodland
St. Joseph, MO 64506
816.232.4461 or

george j cameron jr. (
Wednesday, 25 August `99 at 9:28pm

will download and pass it on to cameron sr. of pistl packin mama

Javier Alvear (
Tuesday, 24 August `99 at 8:55pm

This is a translation of Javier's earlier message.
Web Master
> Javier Alvear (
> Sunday, 22 August '99
> at 1:50pm
> My most sincere and affectionate greetings to all veterans and
> members of the 91st BG. It is with great pleasure that I write to
> you, for this is the group that has grasped my attention the most of
> all the ones I have studied. Although I am only 16 years old, there
> is something deep within me that drives me to investigate more
> about the B-17 and the 8th Air Force groups (especially the 91st BG).
> I congratulate you on your website and the effort you make to
> maintain the spirit of the 91st BG alive.
> Please excuse me for not having written in english since I do not
> speak the language fluently.
> Thanks You for all
> Sincerely,
> Javier Alvear
> Chile