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Steve Pena. Curator Tower Museum, Bassingbourn (
Tuesday, 24 August `99 at 4:44am

In reply to Jesse's comments below:

Give me a Bancroft Flighter anyday!

To Jim & Suzi Shepherd: Keep up the excellent work with this website - just gets better!

2LT Jesse Irwin Carnes (
Monday, 23 August `99 at 1:10pm

Dear All at the 91st BG (H) ---

Nice site you guys have!! Of course I am PARTIAL to the 91st.
I have found Bob Morgan and Jim Verinnis to be real nice folks
(left and right seater of the Memphis Belle).

I appreciate this site---been looking for one like it since 1994.

I am interested in WWII uniforms and own a couple that fit me
quite well. I have a full set of officer's "Pinks and Greens."

Anyway, I have also been looking for years for a Luxenberg officer's cap and insignia. If any of you wish to see the Rolls-Royce of WWII officer's AAF service caps, see the following address---and NO, I am not affiliated with it. You just have to see the SIDE view of the regulation officer's AAF service cap----the Luxenberg cap found near the END of the web page that I will indicate.
This cap is in beaver fur-felt, and has the real horsehide medium reddish-brown russet brown visor and chin-and-back-straps.
It has the curve, the colour, the gloss ... that super-dooper
early War look of the early US Army Air Forces of 1941/42!
Nothing comes close! Hand crafted and tailored. Luxenberg was heavier-constructed and better made than all the rest---the epitome of the early War effort, when top-quality uniforms were
SINE QUA NON for a properly attired officer!
The address follows :

Flaps up folks!!

2LT Jesse Irwin Carnes
16010 Composite Squadron
Baton Rouge, LA

Javier Alvear (
Sunday, 22 August `99 at 1:50pm

Mis más sinceros y cariñosos saludos para todos los veteranos y miembros del 91st BG. Es una gran alegría para mí el escribirles, ya que este es el grupo que más me ha llamado la atención de todos los que he estudiado. A pesar de tener tan sólo 16 años, hay algo dentro de mí que me mueve a investigar más sobre el B-17 y sobre los grupos de la 8th Air Force, (especialmente sobre el 91st BG).
También aprovecho de felicitarlos por su página y el esfuerzo que hacen por mantener vivo el espíritu del 91st BG.
Disculpen por no escribirles en inglés ya que no lo domino muy bien.

Thanks You for all

Se despide Javier Alvear

Jim Purton (
Wednesday, 18 August `99 at 10:13pm

Greetings and a special salute to all the veterans of the 91st BG. My father, T/Sgt. James E. Purton, was with the 322nd Sq. at Bassingbourne and was shot down on his 22nd mission. He passed away in 1997 but shared many of his stories with me over the years. We were very good friends, as well as father and son.

I am wondering if anyone knows what ever happened to the pilot of dad's B-17. The day they crashed was 22 Feb. '44 and their regular co-pilot was filling in as pilot that day. His name was 2 Lt. William D. Wood, USAAF s/n O-674090. After the war the rest of the crew lost contact with Lt. Wood. They said he always felt guilty about having been shot down and that if their regular pilot had been flying that day it wouldn't have happened.

If Lt. Wood is still alive I would love to talk to him. There is only one other surviving member of that crew, the navigator, 1 Lt. Marvin D. Anderson. I have been in contact with Lt. Anderson recently. He doesn't know what happened to Lt. Wood either.

The 91st BGMA is a wonderful tribute to the brave men who fought for our freedom. Keep up the good work!


Jim Purton, BGMA Assoc. Member

Ramiro Lopez M. (
Monday, 16 August `99 at 11:00am

I always have admired the large bombers, and dream to be able to take a ride on one of them . Please keep them going, and for all the men who flew and fly them a respectfull salute. Ramiro.

Bill Ehmig (
Saturday, 14 August `99 at 8:00pm

Hello. I flew as CoPilot and AC on B-52Ds at Glasgow AFB Montana in 1966-98 in the 91st Bomb Wing (H) as a part of the 837th Air Division (8th AF). When Glasgow closed, I was shipped to Robbins AFB , GA in the 28th BS, 19th BW (H)flying G models. I got out in 70.

I have huge respect for the crews and support troops who braved the flak, fighters and lousey weather of Britain and Continental Europe during the 2nd World War. Well done!

Charles Craig (
Saturday, 14 August `99 at 7:51pm

Am a member and am researching my uncle who was killed on the "Patty Gremlin Jr." 31-08-43. He flew out of Bassingbourn w/the 322nd. was ball turret gunner. I have crew list etc. anything will be appreciated. A friend is searching for info on Francis Kulesa radioman and Stanley Rup groundcrew. Both were from Yonkers, N.Y. and served w/the 8th. in England. Thanks,..Charles

Saturday, 14 August `99 at 12:56pm

Great page! I am doing research on USAAF units and would
appreciate any help, especially in regard to the non-flying support units that were co-assigned to a base with the flying unit.


butch maynard (
Friday, 13 August `99 at 7:27pm

looking for Miss America, S/N 42-97896. Do know of any book or document that list all b-17's ever made and there where abouts. I have found things on surviving 17's but not a lot on the fate of others. Tanks for your help. address: 505 bobwhite lane, alex., la., 71303

Michael Dunn (
Sunday, 8 August `99 at 7:38pm

You have an informative and well made website. My grandfather, Robert Baker, served with the 91st as a bombardier on the plane 'Wee Willie'. He passed away a few years ago, but I'm sure he would be delighted and appreciative of your efforts and commitment. thank you.