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Bobby Poston
Sunday, 8 August `99 at 5:58pm

Website address for my radio controlled B-17 is

Bobby Poston (
Sunday, 8 August `99 at 5:55pm

My uncle, A. L. Poston was in the 91st Bomb Group. He flew in the 322 Squadron. He was shotdown and killed on May 19, 1943. The name of his plane was the "Spirit of Alcohol". I was able to find out information about my uncle and his plane at the 8th Air Force Museum in Savannah, Ga. They have an excellent resource center. I also have built and flown a radio controlled B-17 (10' wingspan) as a tribute to my uncle, my father, and the crew of the "Spirit of Alcohol". You can see pictures of the plane and effects of my uncle's at the website address.

Thanks for the great site and keeping alive the respect and attention these "heros" deserve.

Frank Slomzenski (
Friday, 6 August `99 at 6:47pm

I enjoyed your web page by learning about the 91st Bomb Group. As a hisorical writer, I would like to know about your upcoming reunions. I put our groups historical photos on a CD-ROM, over 1500 of them, of activities in World War II. Thank you.
Frank Slomzenski

Brett Arnold (
Thursday, 5 August `99 at 7:47am

I am trying to find anyone who may have known my grandfather. His name was Howard Wiles and he was a ball-turrett gunner. I am very proud of my grandfather and the rest of the 91st.

Rex Alexander (
Thursday, 5 August `99 at 7:00am

My cousin, TSGT Jewel C. Maddox, was shot down and KIA, March 29, 1944 after bombing Brunswick, Germany. He was in the 91st at Bassinbourne, but I do not know which outfit nor any particulars of the plane. Any sites out there with casualty lists or crew pictures??? Thanks. I enjoy this wesite very much. Keep'em flying!

Russ Davis (
Tuesday, 3 August `99 at 1:23pm

I am more than impressed with the quality of the 91BGMA web page. I also just received Marion Havelaar's outstanding book which I found through your page. My father, 1Lt Charles H. (Chuck) Davis flew as a pilot with the 401st in B-17s "Little Patches" and "General Ike". He was killed in 1974, but were he alive today, he would celebrate your worthy efforts. Following in my father's footsteps, I'm a retired Air Force colonel with my own Eighth Air Force service in B-52Ds in Vietnam (179 combat missions). I appreciate your hard work to keep alive such a vital part of our nation's heritage. Thanks and God bless you.

Miguel Arcanjo Lima (
Sunday, 1 August `99 at 9:45pm

From Brasil I send my congratulations to all people that mantain alive these traditions.

Robert Potters (
Sunday, 1 August `99 at 3:31pm

I was researching the 401st when my father died on July 2, 1999. He flew B-17G, including "Blood & Guts", from December, '44 through the group's last mission. Two months before he died, the now last surviving member of his crew, Glen Felton (ball turret) and he met to talk. Glen, who lives in Hawaii and can't travel much now, sent his son to the funeral. I found original service records, including flight logs and mission lists, in my father's personal papers as well as an Air Medal and three oak leaf clusters. The citations are nonspecific. Any help in finding out the circumstances would be appreciated. Best wishes to all on this site.

Louis Frank (
Saturday, 31 July `99 at 8:06pm

Thanks for keeping this alive for all to share with us who were there. Lou Frank The BTO of the ETO

Brian Bushong (
Saturday, 31 July `99 at 12:20pm

I am currently a SSgt in the USAF. My Great-Uncle was S/Sgt Robert Phelps, he was a bombardier assigned to the 91st Bomb Group, 323rd Squadron. His aircraft was shot down over France at 9am on the 8th of July, 1944. I have V-Mail letters from him to his wife Rebecca (Pearl) between 5 June 1944 and 6 July 1944. I also have his diary as a German Prisoner of War from his capture until his release. I am looking for any information about his aircraft and crewmembers. Some of the names mentioned in his V-Mail are: Chet, Ray, George, & Donald Bridwell (of San Antonio). The P.O.W. diary has a listing of several names, home addresses, & injuries:
Stalag IX c Meiningen, Ger.

*Travis G. Keeling. R.#1 Avery, Texas. Amp. Bk keeper
*Robert S. Yarnell. R. #6 Wooster, Ohio Bro. Lg. Route 76 N. of Wooster 6 miles patternmaker
James Wynkoop Rimersburg, Pen. shot and bro. lg. school
James Holdridge 117 Kirkpatrich Ave. Syracuse, N.Y. 2 Bro. lgs. Kodak
Loyd Harvey 3159 So. Roosevelt Dr. Wichita, Kan. shattered elbow
W. M. Macklin R.#3 Delaware, Ohio Amp. farmer
*Earnest B. Jandreau Box 773 Midwest, Wyo. Amp. farmer
William Marlin 930 Manhattan Ave. N.Y.N.Y. shot & Bro. lg. school
*Carl E. Craft Bay Harbor, Fla. Bro. lg. papermill
Lewis Ogden 1090 Ave. O. Beaumont, Tex. Shattered wrist Bk. K.
*John Joblonski 52 Main St. Brooklyn N.Y. Bro. thigh Bk. K.
Don McCarty 639 Oak St. Terre Haute Ind. Bro. lg. school
Donald Collins Gill Ave. Biloxi, Miss. Burned [Charters & Paris]
Woodward W. Altizer c/o A.A. Carmine, 3208 Filmore, St. Denver, Colo. Bro. lg.
John H. Zundel R#1 Negley, Ohio Amp. farmer
Force Baisden Red Jacket W. Va. Bro. lg. school
Geo. Hay 647 Pinner Rd. Pinner, Middlesex, Eng. Shattered arm Inftry Amp.
Wilfred Adamson 17 Marine Approch So. Shields, Co. Durham, Eng. C.P.A. Bk. k.
Edward Kenny 32 Channing St. Roehdale, Lancashire Eng. Amp. burns & cut foot
Jeoffrey Marchant 27 Duff St. Turra Murra, Australia Charters & Paris contractor
W. Lewis Cartrefle St. Rd. Reosnetgr Anglesey N. Wales shattered arm inftry
Danny McGraw 111 Windmill Rd. Kirkcaldy Fifeshire Scotland ok

Any information that could be provided would be most appreciated. Thank you. Please respond via my email address:

Brian Bushong