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Bill Strawn (
Tuesday, 19 September 2000 at 6:02pm

Hello to one and all. My name is Bill Strawn and I travel with the Collings Foundation B-!7G "Nine O Nine". I serve as crew chief and flight engineer with the group for 4 years now. I like to keep up with all vets, but especially real 909 crew members. Would love to hear from any and get some real combat 909 tales. We all know her impressive record, but did she ever come home engine out? Did she ever limp home alone with damage? Let me know. Want to relay these stories to everyone. Thanks and don"t forget to come see us on our nationwide tour. Identify yourselves and bring pictures!! Thanks to all for all you have done for all of us!!!!

Glenn Bickley (
Tuesday, 19 September 2000 at 12:47pm

Thanks for the great site. I am doing some research on my uncle, John James Bickley. John was the Captain of a B-17 that was shot down over Cognac, France on December 31, 1943. He was buried in France but later reinterred at Fort Bliss Army Cemetery, El Paso Texas.

Any information on John would be appreciated.

Thanks for all that you doing and all that you did. God Bless.

Michael Faley (
Monday, 18 September 2000 at 5:37pm

Dear 91st Bomb Group Vets and Enthusiasts,

On Saturday December 2nd, 2000 the Palm Springs Air Museum in California will present a program dedicated to the History of the 91st Bomb Group. This program is open to the public and all 91st Bomb Group Vets are encouraged to Attend this wonderful event. The Museum boasts one of the best collection of flyable WW2AAF aircraft. Scheduled to fly that day is the museums B-17. Also on display will be 10 tables of USAAF memoribilia presented by the 918th BG Living Memorial. Included will be a Combat Box, A-2 jackets, Patches, Aviation Prints, Uniforms, etc. The museum opens at 10AM with the program to start at 1PM. Please come and be part of the great history that is the 91st Bomb Group. More information can be obtained by calling the museum at 760-778-6262

Cecil Brinegar (
Sunday, 17 September 2000 at 4:35pm

What a wonderful way to keep open the dialogue of both participants and the following generations that relish the historical significance of WWII. A very excellent web site!

I recently found information on my older brother, Jess Brinegar, Jr., that places him in the 324th SQ of the 91st Bomb Group. He was a bombardier on B-17s out of Bassingborne. His home state was Indiana. I am looking for any and all information about the aircraft and missions he flew and if any crewmembers are still available to contact. He survived the war, but not cancer. Thank you for any and all information you may care to share .

I thank each and every person of the "Greatest Generation" for their personal sacrifices and and enduring courage to complete the job at hand. We all owe a great debt to you.

Cecil Brinegar
8529 NW 23rd St.
Oklahoma City, Ok 73127

Carlene Perry Duncan (
Friday, 15 September 2000 at 12:57pm

Your web site is just great. My Father, First Lieutenant James Carlton Perry, U.S. Army Air Forces (0-662822) 366th Bomber Squadron, 305th Bomber Group, Heavy, was shot down and killed in action on May 29, 1943. I was born on August 1, 1943. I am interested in any and all information anyone may have regarding, fellow crew members, friends, flight information. He is buried in Brittany American Cemetery, Saint James, France. He was born and raised in Greenville, TX. Thank you in advance for any information.

Bob Karstensen (
Thursday, 14 September 2000 at 1:34pm

Am seeking confirmation that a "Keiser" was an aerial gunner that served in the 91st Bomb Group. Keiser (I can't recall his first name) is from my hometown in Illinois, but moved away shortly after the war. Some talk/controversry came up about his connection with the Memphis Belle at the local VFW and I'd like to put it to rest. Starting from `square one,' I have to confirm that he was with the 91st BG. Please contact me via e.mail as I don't frequent the B-17 sites too often. I'm a B-24 type guy. Bob Karstensen, Pres. 451st Bomb Group (H), Ltd.

John Howland (
Thursday, 14 September 2000 at 11:45am

Re: James Michalski

I have a listing of all 91st BG members buried at six Military Cemeteries in Europe. None of these listings show a James Michalski.

I also contacted the Supt. of the Ardennes Cemetery (Neuville-Condron) at . His reply, Our burial register has no mention of a James Michalski. If he was KIA then he was repatriated at the request of his family.
(s) Hans Hooker, Superintendent

My only other suggestion is that you contact the American Battle Monuments Commission, Casimir Pulaski Building, 20 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, D.C. 20314-0300. Perhaps their records will indicate what transpired.

John Howland

Rick Senffner (
Wednesday, 13 September 2000 at 4:56pm

In Reply to James P. Michalski (

Jim, I was not able to send this to your e-mail address, kept coming back undeliverable. Please e-mail me back with a e-mail address that I can e-mail these web sites to you.

Hello Jim,

Last fall my wife and I traveled to England and Belgium and to Neuville en-Condroz. My mother's brother Steve Domladovac flew with the 91st Bomb Group and was killed on a bombing mission on 1/12/43. Steve is buried in Neuville en-Condroz. My mom and her family had never had the chance to visit his grave site. I brought back photos for my mom to see where her brother is buried and laid flowers on his grave site. It was a very special trip. Steve grew up in Struthers, Ohio just outside of Youngstown, Ohio, about 70 miles NW of Pittsburgh.

Jim at Neuville en-Condroz there is a person that is on duty there that can help you locate your uncle's grave site. He has a computer and database that can locate this information for you.

I have a few web site for the American Military Cemeteries overseas also these sites should be able to help you. Jim these also have a phone number for the cemetery at Neuville en-Condroz.

E-mail me back at and I will send these web sites to you

Mike Moore (
Tuesday, 12 September 2000 at 4:00pm

Looking for the man who was photo man at bassingbourne. Have old newspaper picture of dad putting prop hub on " Q for Quinnie" was airforce supplied photo. Copl. Gerald B. Moore was prop. spec. at bassingbourne 41 to 45?? Worked on Q for Quinnie and Dame Satin. Any one know dad?? Any books on support personal at base? Thanks Mike

Steve Pena. Curator 91st BG Tower Museum, Bassingbourn (
Monday, 11 September 2000 at 2:49pm

John Meurs,
I may be able to assist so please get in touch.