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Hans Onderwater (
Monday, 11 September 2000 at 2:22pm

I am desperately looking for a photograph of B17 42-29916 of 323 BS which crashed in South Holland on 31 July 1743, and its crew
2Lt Robert L.Bru 0-797257 PoW
2Lt Erwin Feld 0-738972 PoW
Sgt James H. Parris 14072285 PoW
Sgt Stanley C, Chielewski 36224335 PoW
Sgt Frank Phaneuf 36502034 PoW
Sgt Chester P. Lawless 14108013 PoW
Sgt Earl E. West 37285179 KIA
Sgt Frederick J. Maynard 31163168 KIA, or anyone who
knows or knew one of these men and/or can get me in touch with them or their next of kin.

The photos are to be used for a book about the airwar over the area South of Rotterdam, Netherlands

John Meurs (
Monday, 11 September 2000 at 9:13am

Dear Reader,

When I was a nine years old schoolboy living in nazi-occupied Holland a B-17 crashed behind our house in the village called Apeldoorn. That was Thanksgiving Day 1944.Two of the crew members were killed by German soldiers when they were descending under their white parachutes, the pilot died in the crash, the tail-gunner escaped from a German hospital with the help of the Dutch underground and was hidden by a family living in the same street as we did.

A couple of months ago we were connected to internet and I started my research concerning the background of "my" B-17. Since then I've come in contact with two members of the crew, obtained from Maxwell AFB a film roll with the 8th AF Mission Report for that day.

Now I would like to extend my research to the complete 8th AF mission of November 26, 1944. The 91stBG went to the railway viaduct of Altenbeken, together with the 303rdBG, 384thBG, and the 381stBG. I'm very interested in the 91stBG Mission Report for that day and also in the squadron reports. I would very much like to get in contact with 91stBG members who flew that mission and could perhaps provide me some background information.

I thank you in advance for your kind cooperation in this matter.

John Meurs
Im Gubel 5
Ch-8630 Rueti ZH

James P. Michalski (
Monday, 11 September 2000 at 7:28am

I stumbled upon this page, in between working, and will return to read all the comments. My uncle Joseph B. Michalski was killed on 16 August 1944, I believe. None of my relatives have ever visited his grave. I am fortunate in that I will be taking many business trips to London and intend to find my Uncle Joe's grave. He was 22 years old and grew up in Pittsburgh. I have a photo of his grave with a serial? number on the cross. All I know is that we think he is in a US Military Cemetary, Neuville en-Condroz Belgium about 10 miles south of Liege.
I also have what I believe is his plot marker, e.g., "Pilot, etc.". Can anyone suggest how I can find his grave? Thank you on behalf of all the surviving Michalski family and all families who lost a loved one.

D. Lieurance (
Sunday, 10 September 2000 at 8:17pm

I am writing this for a friend. Any follow up will be much appreciated.------------------"Did you know my dad,Hanford "Rusty" James Rustand? He was a B-17 Pilot, 8th A.A.F.,91stBG,323 Squadron. He was kia during the bombing of Merseburg on 2 Nov. 44.Were you there?Do you know the status of his Co-Pilot [Wyndham M. Peck]? Do you remember his aircraft "PARD"? I'd like to know the original colors of the noseart for some art work I'm having done in just a few weeks.It was a character horse winking, with "PARD" lettered underneath. I'm also looking for any of the "HI-HO SILVER" crew [Corman,Hale, Jenson,Law, MacArthur, Newsome, Pothier, & Wiegel]. I am anxious to hear from anybody. Also, please look me up at the 91st Reunion in Tx., I plan to attend Nov1-3.

J.L. Woods (
Sunday, 10 September 2000 at 5:39pm

I enjoy learning anything I can about avaition, esp. of W.W.-2.

Jerry Micetich
Sunday, 10 September 2000 at 10:42am

Made a mistake on my first message. Uncle Art is 89 years old. My brother is going to take your website picture of Hitler's Gremlin up to Uncle Art to see if he can name the other crew members.(His eyes and ears aren't very good anymore.)He was shot down two days after that photo was taking. Flak took out one engine and they used so much gas keeping up with the group that they ran out of fuel on the way back. I asked him if they dropped their bombs on Schweinfurt. He looked at me kind of funny and said,"of course". I don't think it ever occurrred to them to turn back even though they lost the engine very early in the mission and probably could have turned back.

Jerry Micetich (
Saturday, 9 September 2000 at 6:36pm

My Uncle was a tail gunner on Hitler's Gemlin. Shot down on the raid on the ball bearing plants. Made it back to the channel where they ditched. Everyone survived. That was his 17th mission.
He's now in his 90's. Finally got him to talk about it. I went thru the B-17 that the confederate air force flys. Wow! I don't know if I'd have guts enough to do what he did. No fighter protection then.

Gary F Price (
Thursday, 7 September 2000 at 6:52pm

Does anyone know a LT. KENNEDY, 323BS? I have found an excellant color photo of the gentleman in a catalog. Subject is wearing a B10 jacket and 323 patch. Photo credit is NASM, probably taken in mid-44 or after. If Mr.Kennedy/family/friends are interested feel free to drop me a line. I have already contacted LOWELL GETZ about him, it maybe sometime before he can check his loading lists. Can anyone help identify or supply some info on him? This is really a superb photo of him and I am trying to make sure that he or his family and friends are aware of it.

Gary F Price (
Thursday, 7 September 2000 at 6:40pm

Does anyone know a LT.KENNEDY,323BS? I have run across an excellant color photo of the gentleman in a catalog. Subject is wearing a B10 jacket with 323 patch. Photo credit is NASM,probably taken mid-44 of after. If Mr. Kennedy/relatives or friends are interested, then feel free to drop me a line. I have already contacted LOWELL GETZ about him, it maybe some time before he can check his loading lists on him. If anyone would like to fill in some of the spaces then feel free to contact me. This is really a superb photo and I want to try to make sure that he or his family members are aware of it.

Thursday, 7 September 2000 at 11:45am

I am trying to find out information about "Hitler's Gremlin" a B-17 which was ditched in the English Channel in August of 1943 returning from the Schweinfurt, Germany raid. Lt. Eugene M. Lockhart from Hillsboro, N.C. piloted the plane and my uncle Arthur W. Burns was the tail-gunner. I was told via e-mail that "Hitler's Gremlin" was assigned to the 91st BG. I would appreciate any information about where I can locate a history of the group and that B-17.