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braxton bradford (
Monday, 14 August 2000 at 1:43pm

wondering if anyone has a photo of 322nd Rose O'Day or pict
of bombardier william h hylton kia 3/4/43? thanks, braxton

Rick Senffner (
Friday, 11 August 2000 at 4:01pm

I would like to hear from anyone who knew my Uncle Steve Domladovac or the families of the other crew members or of the mission that day December 1, 1943, to Leverkusen, Germany.
He flew with the 8th Airforce out of Bassingbourn, England, 91st Bomb Group 322 Squadron

Steve Domladovac Serial No. 0750242
He was a Navigator aboard a B-17 named Mizpah II

Steve along with his whole crew were killed on a bombing mission to Leverkusen, Germany on December 1, 1943. This was mission #89 for the 91st Bomb Group and details are in MACR 1321. Their aircraft went down around Vosenack, Germany. The crew was buried in a community cemetery in Vosenack, Germany. After the war they were interned at the American cemetery in Neuville-en-Condroz in Liege Belgium.
Their aircraft's number was 4229794 Markings LG-O
In one of his earlier letters he said the name of their aircraft was named Mizpah II, But the aircraft they were flying in on that day had no name.
The rest of the crew members were
P. Leonard Anderson
CP. Harry Holinger
B. Clinton Copeland
E. Evert Ross
R. Robert Pendergast
BT. Albert Ross
W, Wayne Houser
W. Joseph Campbell
T. Charles Shelly

Barry Henwood (
Wednesday, 9 August 2000 at 5:38pm

My Dad was TSgt Arthur S. Henwood - as a boy his stories were many. Rarely the serious nature of war was discussed. He flew the last few missions in Europe - was on the first strike over Berlin. The plane he flew in was the "Grin & Bearit" it occures to me it may have been a reflection of his positive attitude about getting the job done. I found out his plane was forced down behind the lines and the suvivors walked out and flew other missions. He was a waist gunner and Tagiler and was smart enough to get the two guys in his crew that didn't drink to get infront and behind him in the debrief line so he could get three shots before their debriefing. He was awared the Airmedal with two Oakleaf clusters and some of his letters to his mom were like taking the notes and words right out of the book "B-17 Flying Fortress" In the beginning he worked in the Photo Lab but soon moved to the air crews (gunner). If anyone may remember some of these things I would like to know more about his buddy's and their experiences. Thanks! His son Barry.

M. E. Wescott (
Wednesday, 9 August 2000 at 8:51am

To Whom It May Concern , On or about August (4-8) , 2000 , in Valparaiso , Indiana , I had the honor of meeting and talking with a few B-17 crew members. One of which was I believe a navigator for the B-17 called: RED ALERT ! Also talked with those of SHOO SHOO BABY ! It was a very deep experience to actually touch the B-17(Nine-O-Nine) and a piece of our history! I shall never forget that day. Also , as I am a (Lapel Pin) collector , I would very much appreciate receiving contact info from ANY bomber group and their merchandise (if available). THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! , M. Wescott , EAGLE DESIGNS & ART , TM.

Robert van Dijck (
Tuesday, 8 August 2000 at 12:49am

I'am investigating what happenned to a B17 (called the Yankee Dandy which crashed in Zoetermeer (The Netherlands)) and therefore have visited the Ardennes American Cemetery an Memorial in Belgium (in a place called Neuville-en-Condroz). I have made some pictures from the cemetery and coincidentely a close-up picture from the grave of Edward F. Simon (S SGT 324 Bomb SQ 91 Bomb GP (H), Pennsylvania, died June 22th 1943).

If someone is interested in this picture (JFP/BMP-file) please send me an E-Mail.

I have deep respect for the guys of the 91 Bomb Group and all the others who liberated us.

Best regards,

Robert van Dijck
The Netherlands

Charles D Taylor (
Monday, 7 August 2000 at 8:07pm

While not an 8th veteran and only four years old when WWII broke out, I have been elected Iowa Chapter Pres of the 8th AFHS for four straight years. Many of my membership including Board members are from the 91st. I enjoyed every aspect of your website especially the crew pictures. With the music I could really sit back and think about all aspects of what the "Greatest Generation" accomplished. I can only imagine what they went through and despite it all, those were great years. Such a shame to view the photos and know so many didn't make it home. Am in the proess of interviewing membership, gettingphotos,etc for an Iowa Chapter Book on Iowa Vets of the 8th. The stories I've gotten so far are unforgettable. Got some ideas from your website. Thanks and will encourage membership to support their BG websites.

Mario Esteban-Iglesias (
Monday, 7 August 2000 at 3:35am

I'm a late member of the v401st, v91st Squadron, dedicated to honor and remember those who flew in the 91st BG (Heavy). After taking a deep look to most of the pages, now I am both proud and shocked about the courage and sense of duty of those I am honoring.
Sorry, it's not my "just decent" English as a Foreign Language skills what makes me don't find the appropriate words; it is what I read and saw in here...
Thank you very much for this tour, and thanks to Twinhit for showing me this place...


Mario Esteban Iglesias
Madrid, Spain.

Eric Rolston (
Sunday, 6 August 2000 at 8:28pm

I just want to say thanks to all you brave men that flew in the B-17 during WWII.

carl taylor (
Sunday, 6 August 2000 at 12:27pm

My uncle is William Johnson ( Bill), and flew with the 91st at Bassingbourn from 1943-45.
He was a flight navigator Instructor from the RAF.
I would like to know of anyone who knew him or flew with him and the name of the b17 he flew in.
He is still alive and well and this would mean so much to him
yours faithfully
Carl Taylor

Bernard A Bigley (
Thursday, 3 August 2000 at 8:39am

As an ATC cadet during the war I did not actually fly with the "H" group but gained a lot of air experience with the 305
bombardment group (G) stationed at Chelveston England. We did
non operational flights in B.17's E F and G types and met some
wonderful fellows.
I now belong to the "Sally B" B17 Preservation Group and we
sponser the upkeep of this wonderfully machine and hope to keep it flying for some considerable time yet. it is kept at Duxford.
Good Luck to all B 17 enthusiasts "Keep em flying"