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brndon masters
Thursday, 29 July `99 at 11:51pm

I would just like to say thanks, to all the 91st bg.
My grand father was in the 91st bg and he was the top turret
gunner & engineer. He flew the "winnie frank joe" of the 401st bs.
so thank you all!!!!!!! :)

Rich Dye (
Thursday, 29 July `99 at 12:05pm

My Dad, James W. Dye Jr.(nickname,"Jack") flew in the 91st Bomb Group as a Navigator in 1944, was shot down over Lepzig in Mid July 1944 and was interned at Stalag Luft.I. I was wondering if anyone knew him or what was the name of the plane he was on. I never asked him that question when he was alive, he died in 1987 of cancer, at 63.
Another question that someone may know the answer to is, the Army gives a medal to POW's today, but did'nt in the WWII era,
are WWII vets eligible for this medal today, even posthumusly?
Rich Dye

Tuesday, 27 July `99 at 2:52pm

Hi Grandpa,
I really like your website. I hope to learn more about this someday.

Darin K. (
Monday, 26 July `99 at 10:48pm

Hi! I recently learned that one of my relatives served (and was unfortunately killed) in the Mighty Eighth during World War II. My great uncle, Lt Herbert Hampy, was a navigator in the 322nd Bomb Squadron, 91st Bomb Group. He was shot down and lost on a raid somewhere over France on, I believe, 23 November 1942. The letter his relatives received indicated he was flying in the squadron commander's (identified as Major Zienowicz) aircraft at the time. I am trying to find out all the info I can about my great uncle's service and sacrifice, including the plane he flew in, how many missions he took part in, details about the mission he was lost on, etc. If anyone can point me in the right direction to find info like this (especially online), I would greatly appreciate it. Even better, if someone knew my great uncle and could provide some personal info about him, I would be greatly indebted. Thanks so much for helping to preserve such an important part of American history and honor the members of the 91st BG who all sacrificed so much!

Dennis Scofield (
Saturday, 24 July `99 at 9:24pm

My father, Major, Earl William Scofield commanded the Nine-O-Nine (sn# 42-31909) for at least 35 mssions... can anybody help me? Before that he flew the Round Trip Topsy... but she crashed...

He was a Lt. Bird then....


Mike Moore (
Friday, 23 July `99 at 6:31pm

Mike Moore here. Trying to find anyone who may have knew my dad CPL.Gerald B. Moore Airplane propller specialist Bassingborne England Sept.1942 June 1945 know he worked on plane Q for Queenie and also talked about Dame Satan? Dad passed away in Sept. 1998 trying to find out more about war years. Thanks God Bless!! Mike

george Jacobs (
Friday, 23 July `99 at 1:58pm

From Bassingbourne to the Internet...It took 55 years! But it is a new home for those of us in the 91st BG. George Jacobs, Electronics Navigator, 324th BS Feb- June 1945.

George F. Miller (
Thursday, 22 July `99 at 11:35am

This is a terrific page. Pilot,"Yankee Belle", 324th

Holli Swank (
Wednesday, 21 July `99 at 10:39am

Hello! My name is Holli. I am 20 years old and an aspiring writer. I had an ex-boyfriend of mine immerse me in the history of World War II while we were together and now I just can't give it up! I am currently trying to develop a novel about a B-17 bomber crew stationed at Bassingbourn in 1943-44. I have part of a tentative outline finished and soon hope to start on the text part of the manuscript. I just wanted to let you know that there are young people who remember and respect those veterans of World War II that are still with us and also those who are not. I for one hope to help others to never forget what they did for us...Thanks.


Jim Shepherd  
Thursday, 15 July `99 at 9:33pm

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