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Chuck Smith (
Friday, 23 June 2000 at 10:30am

Just checking in to see what's new. As an AM of the 91 BGMA I still find new info from time to time. Keep up the good work.

Beau Brandt (
Wednesday, 21 June 2000 at 3:21pm

My Uncle, Lt.Jack Rosenbauer flew with the 1st scouting force 91BG out of Bassingbourn in 1945. His P-51-D (44-72497) "Bit O'Heaven" was coded *9H H (the later appeared on the tail). Does anyone have information on the scouts of Bassingbourn? Please drop me a line. Thanks!

Steve Smith (
Tuesday, 20 June 2000 at 9:20pm

To JACK GAFFNEY: What's your e-mail address? I met you at the Tucson reunion in 1997. Good to see your words in the visitor's book.

Larry G. Smith (
Tuesday, 20 June 2000 at 4:07pm

My father, Harry G. Smith, was with the 401st squadron and is coming for a visit tomorrow. I will introduce him to this site and would like to hear from anyone that that might remember him. I would appreciate any correspondence. He was a mechanic and the planes designations were the Triangle A.

joe bentzel
Monday, 19 June 2000 at 4:31pm

jeff: iwas engineer top turret gunner on the Chowhound could answer some of your questions .let me hear from you.

Bruce Colyear (
Sunday, 18 June 2000 at 9:26pm

I'm compiling info on
B-17 42-6087 "Royal Flush"
lost over Villacoublay,
11 Aug '44 on her 75th-
The ship is shown on the
original "Memphis Belle"
film & is the one I have
adopted to teach our kids
about freedom & the price
one pays-
Thank You,Gentlemen of
the 91st!!!!
P.S. Royal Flush flew
with the 100thBG
according to records,
All Flew For Freedom

David C. Bramble (
Sunday, 18 June 2000 at 7:07pm

Hello, I went on a pilgrimage this year. I traveled to England this past May and June, 2000, with my wife and daughter and spent a day going to the Duxforth Museum, the Basingbourne Air Base and the American Memorial. My Dad was in the 91st Air Force Group from 1943-44 and flew the "Village Flirt", David A. Bramble. A bomb threat had occurred in London the day before, so the guide was not sure we could get on base. No worries! I went with him to the entrance, and was told, "Sure, of course you can see your father's 'home away from home" in those awful times. Looked pretty small considering what transpired there. But I know it was entirely different.
If you go, there is a wonderful pub right in the little town just before the base, I think "The Red Lion" -- very proud of his place, and has much memorbilia of times past, AND great food, and carries the newsprint of the 91st Bomber Group. The print he had actually had my father's plane in the publication.
This visit was a special time for us, and for all of you families of this group,if you go, you will feel the same.

Joe Paskvan (
Saturday, 17 June 2000 at 8:28am

Sirs, I am sorry to keep bothering you, but I need some more help. I spoke with Mr. Frank Haddick, who was my uncle's co-pilot the day they were shot down and he told me my Uncle was right behind him when he bailed out of the bomb bay. He didn't see him bail out but he knows he wasn't wounded on the plane. Mr. Haddick said in 1946 an Army Intelligence major came to his home asking about my uncle. The major told him my uncle had been beaten to death by German civilians after parachuting. Mr. Haddick almost met the same fate himself. The major said that the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal executed some people in c/w with my uncle's death. This is what my brother and I and a couple of cousins have vague recollections hearing as children from our fathers. What I need to know is how can I access information from the Nuremberg Tribunal. Thanks again. Joe Paskvan

Jack Gaffney
Friday, 16 June 2000 at 10:11am

Hi to all my friends in the 91st Bomb Group. My kids just bought me a computer and I'm online. Look forward to hearing from fellow 91st'ers.

Joseph Paskvan (
Wednesday, 14 June 2000 at 3:26pm

Sirs, I posted a request yesterday c/w my uncle Joseph Paskvan and have rec'd several responses. On behalf of my brothers, sister, and cousins I wish to thank you all. On another note, I returned to your web site today and was reading other messages and I noticed a message from a retired Lt.Col Raymond Jones c/w Jim Veres. Col. Jones if your Jim Veres was with the Cleveland Police(Ohio) and then the Cuyahoga County Sheriff I had the honor and pleasure of knowing Jim(I am a retired CPD Sergeant). I never knew he was in the same outfit as my uncle. I wonder if they knew each other? Again thanks to all who responded. Joe Paskvan