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Walt Cross (
Monday, 1 May 2000 at 8:18pm

Can you identify the following unit? "337th AAF BU" I thought perhaps it is the 337th Army Air Force Bomber Unit. That anywhere close? I have the WWII medals of an individual who served in this unit. Thanks.


Mary K. Butler (
Sunday, 30 April 2000 at 4:27pm

My father-in-law, W.C. "Dub" Butler was a in the 91st Bomb Group and has told us some fantastic stories; we just can't get enough. Thank you for this great web site to let others learn about them too.

Angus Smith (
Sunday, 30 April 2000 at 12:25pm

I work on old Bentwaters Airbase in Suffolk England and we are reopening the old USAF Sports Centre on the base. The Gym is being called 'Jets Gym' in honour to the history of the base and I would be grateful if there are any former USAAF staff who served here during the time of the base being active. I am particularly looking for photos, prints memorabilia and history of the base such as what planes were stationed here from WWII onwards until the 1990's.

If you could help or are interested in visiting the new reopened centre you can contact me at:

Angus Smith,
Rendlesham Community Sports Trust,
766 Suffolk Drive,
IP12 2TW

or phone 01394 460876 (include Uk international dialling code if outside UK) Many Thanks

Michael J Engler (
Saturday, 29 April 2000 at 10:49pm

I was stationed at RAF Alconbury in the late 1970's, and was fortunate enough to go to a Bassingbourne Airshow. I had a math teacher in Colorado that was a B-17 pilot and my wife worked for a ball turret gunner at Seymour Johnson in NC. We felt really lucky to have been stationed in England, seen the history, visited with RAF members of the World War II era, and toured a B-17G. We feel closer to those who served, and proud to have done our part for 20 years. Thank You!

Jim Davies (
Saturday, 29 April 2000 at 8:14pm

I was delighted when I stumbled accross this web site. I have a friend who was a ball turret gunner with the 401st Squadron and I have been interested in the group history since I have known him. I hope to visit East Anglia someday.

Timothy Roberts (
Friday, 28 April 2000 at 5:44pm

Thank you for this wonderful site.

Paul Connelly (
Monday, 24 April 2000 at 7:47am

I am visiting the 91st today for the first time .Congratulations for a wonderful program .I flew with the 94th B.G Square A Third Division August 44 -March 45 .If interested , click on to our Web Site at .

DeDe (Lunt) John (
Friday, 21 April 2000 at 8:16am

Hi... this was a great place to visit. My dad, Phillip Lunt was a tail gunner for the 401st squadron and flew from Dec 43 to May of 44. He was in the raid that the group got the citation from, I think called Oscherslaven. Does anyone remember him ? He is new to computers and I am sure by now knows how to answer his email... (Hopefully). If you want to get in touch with him, it is Thanks for the great site.

Mr Pascoal (
Thursday, 20 April 2000 at 10:24am

I'm a pilot in Brazil and very happy for visit your site.Thank you and God Blass B-17s!!!

Miriam Gresham (
Thursday, 20 April 2000 at 8:09am

My grandfather and 5 of his brothers made it home from fighting in the battles of WWII. If anyone remembers him, I would love to hear your stories. His name is Ralph Hurley, and his younger brother is Ray Hurley. They are both from Highpoint and Greensboro, North Carolina. Thank you.