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Carl and Nancy Coen (
Wednesday, 19 April 2000 at 10:55am

Thank you for this web site. We are learning and trying to gain more information concerning brother 1st Lt. John A. Coen, who was killed over France March 28, 1943 in the vicinity of Normady.

robert williams (
Sunday, 16 April 2000 at 11:28am

my good friend maurice boultinghouse was the pilot of general ike and blood & guts 91st bomb group. i am on vacation and can not remember his e mail address. he flew 13 missions at the end of the war and flew the general ike to kingman az for scraping.
i salute you guys of the 8th air force for your service.....

Steve Pena. Curator 91st BG Tower Museum, Bassingbourn, Engl (
Sunday, 16 April 2000 at 12:58am


I have located an ID photo of Roy Manville in our archives and will e-mail you a copy if it would be of interest.

Steve Pena. Curator 91st BG Tower Museum, Bassingbourn, England.
The Museum website can be viewed at

Gareth H. Tanner (
Saturday, 15 April 2000 at 9:31pm

I flew as waist and ball turret with the 324th from August 1944 to January 1945 and completed a tour of 35 Missions. Roy Manville was the first pilot and after him was a man named Boies, I believe. Anyone know anything about these 2 fine gentlemen? Would appreciate info. Thanks.

Brian Novak (
Saturday, 15 April 2000 at 8:49pm

I'm a nephew of Robert C. Gruetter, crew gunner on "Times-A-Wastin". My uncle is a great guy who is also my Godfather. His son, Robert W. Gruetter, served in the Air Force --- surely influenced by his dad (but never stated). My uncle Bob resides in Front Royal, VA with his wife, Josephine "Aunt Jo". They're really wonderful people.

Joan Mignon (
Saturday, 15 April 2000 at 6:09pm

Several months ago I requested any information you might have regarding my father, Joseph Evers, ex-POW of WWII. I apologize for not having thanked you prior to today. The information was most helpful and interesting to the entire family. I was actually sent the official notification of his plane having been shot down. At the time I mentioned that my father was writing a journal about his life and his time spent as a prisoner of war. We have since put had it printed for his 76th birthday which he will celebrate April 18th. I've also been in contact with our Congressman regarding a recent publication in Ex-POW Bulletin, Volume 56, No. 8, August 1999, regarding the Purple Heart Medal. I've made a request on my father's behalf to see if he's eligible for the Purple Heart. They've informed me that you must show proof or have a witness to the fact that my father was actually beaten by civilians upon his landing or that he suffered injury by his captors. I'm not sure how this information could be obtained or who I could contact. If you have any information please let me know. Again, my heartfelt thanks for the information you sent previously.

Steve Pena. Curator 91st BG Tower Museum, Bassingbourn (
Saturday, 15 April 2000 at 10:23am


The 91st BG(H) Tower Museum at Bassingbourn has a large archive of photographs, many unpublished. Following your post here I'm going to e-mail one or two which you might find of interest.

Steve Pena. Curator.

Frank Farr (
Friday, 14 April 2000 at 7:09pm

My name is Frank Farr. I was a navigator with the 322nd, crew of Bruce Benton, until I was wounded slightly during a raid over Chartres Aug. 2, 1944. After three weeks on crutches, I was transferred to the 323rd, where I flew mostly with Val Magee's crew. I was shot down Nov. 2, 1944, in the "Winged Victory," captained by O. J. Snow. We spent the rest of the war in Stalag Luft III and Stalag VIIA...You whose names are already here know how delighted I was to find this site...If I were easily over- whelmed, the numerous thank-you's and expressions of appreciation on these pages from young people who are still interested in us would have done it!...I have written a book of about 150 pages--this is not a sales pitch; I haven't got it published--detailing life in the prison camps and touching upon, in flashbacks, com- bat flying, a pretty English girl, and the fierce mission on which I was shot down. This was one of the last few times the Luftwaffe came out in force, and they took out about half of our
37-ship group that day...As an example of the beating the 91st took, I can cite a three month period from roughly August through September, 1944, when we lost about 40--more than 100%. I think it was worse a year earlier, when my cousin, Sam Farr, was flying as a gunner on a B-24. I would be happy to hear from any readers, especially any who may have flown with pilots Lt. Bruce Benton, Lt. Gary Davis, Lt. Val Magee or Lt. O. J. Snow. The mission on which we were shot down would have been the last scheduled mission for O.J.--his gang was packing to go home. Thanks for the memories -- Frank Farr

George Hemingway (
Friday, 14 April 2000 at 2:50pm

I am the nephew of John Stewart Hemingway, 1st Lt, 0-433981, 324 Bomb Sq, aircraft nr. 503, downed off Brest enroute St. Nazaire, 23 Nov. 1943. Pilot George C. Wahl, Command Pilot Harold C. Smelser, Pilot Duane L. Jones. Also Lt. Phillip Baxter, TSGT Louis Emerson, TSGT Alvy Masters, SSGT Doyt Watson, SGT John Boomer, SGT Fidel Hernandez, SGT Joseph Medved. All hands perished.

Any information would be welcome. Thanks.

Michael Bell (
Friday, 14 April 2000 at 1:04pm

Although i am only 13 i still believe that the men of the 91st bombing group had alot of courage in order to look a Nazi fighter pilot right in the eyes and shoot him down with the machine guns mounted on almost all angles. I think that all of you men from the 91st bombing group should deserve medal of honor.