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Tom Weiss (
Thursday, 23 March 2000 at 11:25pm

My grandpa was a bombadier, he just died not long ago, but he always talked about his war years. Iwish I could know more about what happened, as he did 50 missions, and there are always stories that you didn't here.
He was Lt. Donald T. Weiss, he flew on Destiny's Child.

Kathleen (
Thursday, 23 March 2000 at 9:59pm

My father was a member of the 91st. His name is Bobby Gene Walker he probably went by Bob G. Walker. He passed away Jan. 5 1998. I am looking for anyone who might have known him or information regarding his time spent with the 91st. Thank you all the members of the 91st. My father was so proud of the time he spent in the 91st.

Linda S. Zust (
Sunday, 19 March 2000 at 3:19pm

I am a member of the Confederate Air Force, Inland Empire Wing, Riverside, CA. Currently, I am trying to put together a "Footlocker" Museum that can travel from High School to High School. It is one of our unit's goals to have history come alive for High School age students. Having raised five children myself, it has become very apparent to me that patriotism is out and "Self-absorbtion" is "in".

It there is written material that your group might be able to contribute, I would be eternally grateful.

Brandon (
Friday, 17 March 2000 at 3:50pm

i use to be a member of the 91st. My grandfather was a part of the 91st and the 401st sqd. He was a top turret gunner and engineer. But sadly to say he has passed away over the summer. I'll write more later

Friday, 17 March 2000 at 7:15am


George M. Kesselring (
Tuesday, 14 March 2000 at 6:21pm

As a Pilot with 35 missions over Hitler's Germay with the best of the 8th AF...the 91st Bomb Group(H) I find that this web page is great. Thanks to all who did such a fine job of telling the world about us. George M. Kesselring, Major USAFRet.

Quentin Deville
Tuesday, 14 March 2000 at 2:57pm

je le dirai en français parce que je suis belge et malgré le fait que je ne parle pes très bien anglais je vous félicite pour ce site qui avec ces nombreuses photos ma permis de redécouvrir mon avion préféré et ma passion pour l'histoire de la seconde guerre mondiale. Donc encore bravo pour avoir su réunir toutes ces photos
Quentin un passioné des avions de la seconde guerre mondiale

Sam Halpert (
Sunday, 12 March 2000 at 5:44pm

I am a 91st BG 324th Sq 35 mission navigator -
Sept 9 '44 (Ludwigshafen) to Feb 3 '45 (Berlin)
Any information about my old buddy, fellow 91st navigator, Kent Hammer, will be appreciated. He was not in the 324th. I believe his radio operator was named Jaffey(?)
Any old buddies who remember me - drop a line.
Sam Halpert

Robert Hall (
Tuesday, 7 March 2000 at 10:26pm

I am the 31 year old aviation buff/historian/patriot from TN who attended the Savannah reunion in '98. I made many friends of the 91st vets and their families. - - Just want to say "Hello" and I hope to see you again.

Kevin Meadows (
Sunday, 5 March 2000 at 9:06pm

I was tickled to death to discover this website! We owe so much to these veterans who gave it all so that we could have the freedom we enjoy. Looking for photos,information,etc. on B-17
42-31578 "Little Patches" to build model.